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- Jewish: 4,000,000
- Palestine: 700,000 Jews
- More Jews in Egypt



- Latin is legal language
- Greek is common language
- Palestine: Aramaic and Hebrew


Foods - Diets

- Palestine: four meals a day, consistency (small meals)

- Rome: grains, lentils, goats milk, vegetables, fruits, salt from sea, fish (eat whole), wine (daily routine)

- Jewish: more fruit (used as sweetener), dates, figs, vegetables, seafood, meals taken at a reclined position servants would feed you


Men Clothing

- Tunics: long shirts, shoulder => knee
- White collar
- Coarse sandals
- Cloak in winter
- Overcoat darker

- Roman: shorter hair and shaved beards
- Jew: long hair/ beards
- Latins and Greeks more into fashion than Jews


Women Clothing

- Tunics: shorter, shoulders => waist
- Cloth: head => knees
- Sandals: more attractive than men's
- (silk) scarfs on waist
- makeup/ lipstick/ eyebrow paint
- Wigs: vary in color
=> Traditional = Jew/Arab
- Jewelry: nose or earrings
- Dye hair to look younger



- Theater productions: comedy or drama
=> Every city had a theater
- Gladiator shows
=>Wild cats, snakes, rhinos, elephant
- Chariot races: similar to car races
- Olympic games: racing, javelin, wrestling
=> Women not allowed
=> Part of high school academic training
- Accessories for dolls
- Risque strip shows
=> Smaller theaters
=> Not very popular
- children's games did not stop at the end of the day, it continued the next day



- Wasn’t as advanced
- Rome more advanced than those in Palestine
- Medicine: plants, herbs
- They did have surgery: tracheotomies, amputations, eye surgeries
- No anesthetics, pain was so severe it caused the patients to pass out
- Dentistry: false teeth, brush teeth with salt from the sea, would rob grave sights to find false teeth


Morals: Sexuality (eternal sin)

- Pornea: only sexual thing outside of marriage
- 2 types of prostitutes
=> 1) clean: temple prostitutes
=> 2) unclean: common people

- both men and women practiced prostitution


Morals: Homosexuality

- Practiced, but wrong
- Men: adopt feminine name
- Women: change name to masculine version


Morals: Divorce

- Divorce by men as long as 2-3 witnesses
- Women could only initiate a divorce if men wanted to leave land or worship other Gods (Jews only)
- Greek: distance (for work): could be a reason for women to divorce


Morals: Children

- Exposing children: not fully healthy child will have something broken (i.e. arm) to expose them to get more sympathy and for more money
- Begging



- Trade guilds (similar to unions)
=> Protected & defended business from government
- Stores were small and specific
- Shipping was a big industry
=> Limited to good weather, seasonal
- Banking was also a big industry
=> Currency exchange
- Advanced agriculture
=> Fertilization
=> Crop rotation
=> Rested on sabbath - replenish the land