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Taenia saginata-Common Name

Beef tapeworm, pearly beef


Taenia saginata-Hosts

DH: Humans ***Zoonosis***
IH: Cattle


Taenia saginata-Identification

Adult: 8 m long, unarmed scolex with 4 suckers
Cysticercus: size of pea
Egg: taeniid type, 30 um with thick radially striated shell surrounding hexacanth embryo


Taenia saginata-Life Cycle

Indirect. PPP = 2-3 mths
Gravis segments passed in feces from DH→ release eggs→ oncosphere ingested by IH→ hatches and penetrates small intestine→ migrates by blood to muscles→ forms cysticerci (infective stage)→ humans ingest uncooked meat with cysticerci


Taenia saginata-Site of Infection

IH: striated (cardiac and skeletal) muscle
DH: small intestines


Taenia saginata-Pathogenesis and Lesions/Clinical Signs

DH: discomfort with passing segments
IH: none except with heavy infection with cysticerci in heart


Taenia saginata-Diagnosis

Meat inspection to detect cysticerci in muscles of IH
Fecal exam of DH may demonstrate taeniid egg
Serology--ELISA or antibody tests


Taenia saginata-Treatment and Prevention

Praziquantel (expensive)
Dissemination of information
Cook meat, freeze meat, hygiene