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Which brain lobes are identified by A and B?

A - Temporal 

B - Cerebellum 


Which brain lobes are labelled A, B and C?

A - Frontal 

B - Parietal 

C - Occipital 


Which important landmarks are labelled below?

A - Interhemispheric Fissure 

B - Anterior Horn Lateral Ventricle 


What is the names of the cisterns labelled below?


A - Suprasellar cistern 

B - Quadrigeminal cistern 

(Cisterns are openings in subarachnoid space of brain created by separation of arachnoid + pia mater)


What are A, B, C and D pointing to?

A - Caudate nucleus 

B - Lentiform nucleus 

C - Thalamus

D - Cingulate gyrus 


What sections of the brain are A, B, C and D?

A - Frontal Lobe 

B - Parietal Lobe 

C - Occipital Lobe 

D - Cingulate gyrus 


What sections of the brain are indicated by A, B, C and D?

A - Thalamus 

B - Midbrain 

C - Pons 

D - Medulla Oblongata 


Which vascular territories are shown here (red, yellow, blue)?

Yellow - Anterior Cerebral Artery  (ACA)

Red - Middle Cerebral artery (MCA)

Blue - Posterior Cerebral Artery (PCA)


Which arteries are labelled?

A - Middle Cerebral Artery 

B - Internal Carotid Artery

C - Basilar Artery 

D - Posterior Cerebral Artery 


Which arteries are labelled?

A - Ophthalmic Artery 

B - Anterior Communicating Artery 

C - Anterior Choroidal Artery 

D - Posterior Communcating Artery 


Which arteries are labelled?

A - Pontine Arteries 

B - Middle Cerebral Artery 

C - Posterior Cerebral Artery 

D - Superior Cerebellar Artery 


Which arteries are labelled?

A - Internal Carotid Artery 

B - Anterior Cerebral Artery 

C - Anterior Communicating Artery 

D - Basilar Artery 

E - Ophthalmic Artery 


Which arteries are labelled?


A - Posterior Communicating Artery 

B - Anterior Choroidal Artery 

C - Pontine arteries 

D - Superior Cerebellar Artery