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Explain the rule of 9s

One side of each arm is 4.5... if front and back of BUE 18
Front LE= 9
Front Torso = 18
Head/Neck= 9
Groin- 1


Deep partial thickness (deep 2nd degree burn)

Effects: epidermis, deep epi, hair follicles and sweat glands

high risk to turn into full thickness d/t infection
May have impaired sensation


Full thickness (3rd degree burn)

Includes damage to nerve endings
Pain free, no sensation to light touch


Subdermal (4th degree)

Damage to fat, muscles, and bone
Peripheral nerve damage


What are the main areas of concern for the initial evaluation during the emergent phase?

Observation of joints affecte by burns
Info regarding prior level of functioning


What are some intervention strategies during the emergent phase?

Splinting in antideformity position


What are the anti-deformity positions?

Intrinsic +: hands
Opposite client's posture
Extension: neck, elbow, knees
Shoulder in abduction
Hip in extension
Anti-frog let and anti-foot drop


What is the focus of the acute phase of a burn?

Infection control and Skin grafting


What is the OT intervention during the acute phase?

Splinting and positioning
Edema management
Early ADL participation
Education on healing process


What should you do if the burns are located on the LE when standing a patient up?

Apply vascular support to the LE


How long is the immobilization period post-op and what should you do after that period is over?

3-10 days
Gentle AROM


What is the focus of intervention during the rehabilitation phase of a burn?

SKin conditioning: lubricate before activity and massage for desensitization
Scar management: Compression therapy also helps with edema control


How do you manage a contracture?

1. continuous exercise
2. Anti-contracture positioning
3. Serial splinting


When is a hypertrophic scar most active?

4-6 months


How do you manage heterotropic ossification?

AROM within pain free range


Describe 2 days post-op care for split-thickness graft on Left posterior axilla

Fabricate axilla splint with Left shoulder in 120 degrees abduction and slight external rotation