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What is the composition of the air?

21% oxygen

78% nitrogen

1% other gases

eg. argon, xeon, carbon dioxide


Name the four polutants in the air?

Sulfur dioxide- irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Prolonged exposure is fatal. Contributes to acid rain.


Nitrogen oxides- irritates the eyes and the respiratory system . Prolonged exposure is fatal.

Very toxic

Carbon monoxide- has no smell an dreplaces oxygen in the blood. Prolonged exposure is fatal.

Toxic and extremely flammable

Particulates- irritates respiratory system

and dirties buildings




How was the atmosphere created?

1.The Earth was firstly a volcanic planet wher volocaneo released carbon dioxide and water vapour into the the air

2.the earth then cooled and the water vapour was reduced in the atmosphere as it came down as rain

3.Plants began to photosynthesise and convert the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into oxygen

4. the carbon dioxide was stored in plants and buried in the earth and under the sea in the form of coal and oil.


Who is affected by air pollution first?

Asthma suffers



What is carbon monoxide an example of, in terms of its reaction with oxygen?

An incomplete reaction as the the carbon atom has only gaines on oxygen.


What does a catalytic converter do to Co and nitrogen dioxide.

-The platinum inside the converter cause a oxidation reaction where the carbon monoxide gains an oxygen

-nitrogen monoxide loses its oxygens in a reduction reaction where the products are oxygen and nitrogen


What is a combustion reaction?

A reaction that involves oxygen and usually burning.


What is a hydrocarbon?

A chain of hydrogen and carbon atoms

Usually used as fuels 


How do factories removes particulates from the air?

The particulates are negatively charged and then colleted by the positive pieces of metal.


What is wet scrubbing?

This is a process where sulphur dixide is removed from the air and turned into calcium sulphate.


What two types of fossil fuel powered power stations?


- here coal and oxygen are combined 

- relaese carbon dioxide into the atmosphere


Her methane and oxygen are combines

release water vapour and carbon dioxide into the atmosphrere


How do you remove polluttants from factories chimies?

the pollutant gases aer combined with flue gases

it is then combinesd with an alkaline slurry or seawater which cause a reaction, leaving the pollutant going down with the slurry as Gypsum, while non toxic air leaves the factory.

reaction cooled by water falling on it