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How is salt extracted from the ground?

-drilled, blasted and dug out and brought to the surface by machinery
-solution mining


Why is it important to fill holes after mining?

-land could collapse and slide into holes (subsidence)


What are the useful products of the electrolysis of brine?

-hydrogen gas
-chlorine gas
-sodium hydroxide


How is sodium chloride solution (concentrated brine) electrolysed?

-electrodes made of inert materials, so they don't react with the electrolyte or products
1-brine enters
2-at cathode two hydrogen ions accept one electron each to become on hydrogen molecule
3-at anode two chloride ions lose one electron to become one chlorine molecule


What are the uses of the products of the electrolysis of brine?

-hydrogen gas:make ammonia and margarine
-chlorine: disinfect water, make plastic and solvents and hydrochloric acid
-sodium hydroxide:used to make soap, can be reacted with chlorine to make household bleach


What is solution mining?

-pumping hot water underground
-salt dissolves and salt solution is forced to surface by pressure of the water


Why is the chloro-alkali industry important for the economy?

-may uses of the products from reaction
-lots of new products can be made and lots of jobs created