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What is a metals structure?

-metals have crystal structures
-held together by metallic bonding (giving all metals the same basic properties)
-this allows the outer electron(s) of each atom to move freely
-creating a sea of delocalised (free) electrons throughout metal which gives rise to many of metals properties


What are the properties of most metals?

-high melting and boiling point and density
-strong, bendy and malleable
-good conductors of electricity and heat
-hard, dense and lustrous


Why do metals have high melting and boiling points?

-strong attraction between delocalised electron and the closely packed positive ions causes very strong metallic bonding
-metals have high melting and boiling points because of this, you need lots of energy to break them apart


Why are metals strong and flexible and malleable?

-metals have a high tensile strength (strong and hard to break)
-but can be hammered into different shapes (malleable)


Why are metals good conductors of heat and electricity?

-sea of delocalised electrons move freely through metal, carrying electrical current and heat energy


What transition metals and their compounds?

-mainly everyday metals


Why are transition metal compounds colourful?

-due to the transition metal ion they contain


What are transitional metals used for and where are they on the periodic table?

-middle of periodic table


How does the strength of metallic bonding decrease?

-as atomic radius increases


What are some examples of transition metal compounds and their colours?

-iron(II) compounds=light green
-iron(III) compounds=orange/brown
-copper compounds=blue