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How is a high atom economy good for profits?

-decreasing amount of reactants wasted, so money is saved


How is a high atom economy good for the environment?

-saves resources as resources are not wasted, and stops reactions from being unsustainable


What is percentage yield?

-comparison of actual yield and predicted yield
*transferring liquids
*not all reactants react to make product


What is atom economy?

-tells you how much mass of reactants was wasted


Why a yields never 100%?

-some product or reactant always lost along the way


How does transferring liquids cause a loss of yield?

-may lose some liquid when transferring from one container to the next, even if nothing spills
-some always gets left behind on inside surface of last container


What are the benefits of a high percentage yield?

-reduce waste products
-reduce costs


How does filtration reduce percentage yield?

-filtering liquid to remove solid particles you always lose a bit of liquid or solid
*if you want to keep liquid, you lose the bi that remains with the solid and filter paper
*if you want to keep solid, some of it always gets left behind when you scrape it off filter paper


How does evaporation reduce percentage yield?

-liquids evaporate all the time
-even more when heated


How do not all reactants reacting reduce percentage yield?

-reversible reactions turn products back to reactants while the reaction is going on, so yield will never be 100%