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What are the properties of a diamond?

-very high melting point
-doesn't conduct electricity


What is the structure pf a diamond?

-each carbon forms four covalent bonds in a very rigid giant covalent structure making it really hard
-the strong covalent bonds take lots of energy to break, giving diamond an very high melting point
-no free electrons or ions, so no conducting electricity


What is the structure of graphite?

-each carbon atom form three covalent bonds, creating sheets of carbon atoms which are free to slide over each other
-layers held together weakly so they are slippery and can be rubbed off (how pencils work)
-lots of energy needed to break covalent bonds so high melting point
-since only three out of each carbons' four outer electrons are used in bonds, there are lots of delocalised (spare) electrons that can move, conducts electricity


What are the properties of graphite?

-kind of shiny
-rubs off on paper
-high melting point
conducts electricity


What are the uses of diamonds and why?

-cutting tool because high melting point and hardness
-jewellery because lustrous


What are the uses of graphite and why?

-pencils as layers are slippery and can be rubbed off
-lubricating material, as slippery


What are giant molecular structures

-usually don't conduct electricity because there aren't any fee electrons (graphite is an exception)
-carbon can form giant molecular structures because it can form lots of covalent bonds with itself
-all the covalent bonds give giant molecular structures strength, high melting point and they do not dissolve in water


What are nanotubes?

-tiny hollow carbon tubes
-huge surface area, so can make great industrial catalysts (individual catalyst molecules cab be attached to the nanotubes)


What are fullerenes?

-molecules of carbon
-shaped like closed tubes or hollow balls
-used to cage other molecules, fullerene structure forms around another atom or molecule which is then trapped inside
-could be a new way of delivering drugs in the body, e.g.slow release


What are allotropes?

-different structural forms of the same element in the same physical stat, e.g. they're all solids