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Canta el pueblo su cancion

the people sing their song


nada la puede detener

nothing can stop it


esta es la musica del pueblo

this is the music of the people


y no *se deja *someter
*v. dejarse= to let oneself ; 3rd person present
*v. someter= to submit
**When used as a subject, gente or pueblo takes a singular verb, and it is modified by a singular adjective.

and they will not (let themselves) submit


Si al latir tu corazón
**The use of the contraction al followed by an infinitive is a very common way of indicating when something happens.

If when your heart beats


*oyes el eco del tambor
*v. oír= to hear; tu present

you hear the echo of the drum


es que el futuro *nacerá cuando *salga el sol
**es que= the thing is / the fact is that...
*v. nacer= to be born; it future
*v. salir= to go out /to leave; it present subjunctive

It means the future will be born when the sun comes up


?Te *unirás a nuestra causa?
*v. unir= to join; tu future

will you join our cause?


*ven y *lucha junto a mi
*v. venir= to come/arrive ; tu imperative
*v. luchar= to fight; tu imperative

Come and fight beside me


tras esta barricada hay un mañana que vivir

behind this barricade, there's a tomorrow to be lived


Si somos esclavos o libres *depende de ti
*v. depender= to depend; it present

If we are slaves or free depends on it


Ven *dispuesto a combatir
*v. disponer= to arrange, to have, to prepare ; participle

come willing to fight


hay una lucha que ganar

there's a battle to be won


muchos hoy van a morir

many will die today


? estas dispuesto a *derramar ?
*v. derramar= to spill/shed

are you willing to spill?


tu sangre en las calles de Francia por la libertad

your blood on the streets of France for liberty ?