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If the cabin pressure altitude should reach a value of 12,500 feet, a pressure-sensing switch closes, thus illuminating the:

!!! Red ALT WARN annunciator light,

warning the pilot of operation requiring oxygen use. If the auto deployment oxygen system is installed, a pressure-sensing switch in the cabin wall (copilot’s side) forward of the emer- gency exit also closes, deploying the passenger oxygen masks to face level.

During cruise operation, if the flight plan requires an altitude change of 1,000 feet or more, the CABIN ALT dial should be readjusted.

Doesn't work below 75% N1


Thrust Reversers

Engage when all wheels are on the ground.
• Disengage before 40 kts or it can cause prop corrosion


Bleed Air

The bleed-air warning system is installed to alert the pilot when a pressurization line or pneumatic line ruptures, exhausting hot engine bleed air into the airframe. Whenever the temperature from this rupture reaches approximately 204°F, the plastic tubing melts, which results in the illumination of
• L BL AIR FAIL or the R BL AIR FAIL warning lights. When bleed- air failure is indicated, the appropriate BLEED AIR VALVE switch, on the copilot’s subpanel should be placed to the INSTRument and ENVIRonment OFF position.

> A severe bleed-air leak could result in a decrease in engine torque and an increase in ITT.
Therefore, whenever the applicable BLEED AIR VALVE switch (Figure 9-6) is placed into INST and ENVIR OFF position, the pilot should monitor the engine instruments for an increase in torque and a decrease in ITT. This indicates that the leak has been isolated, if it was a severe leak.

The bleed-air warning annunciator will not extinguish after closing the bleed-air valves.


Auto feather

doesn't work below 90% of N1, when in armed position. Why?


Baggage Capacity

Total capacity: 550 lbs,
Seats: 40 lbs

Net Capacity: 510 lbs


Door Safety

3 safety systems for door: safety release button, pressure differential diaphragm, ann. panel
Check emergency door closure visually, as ann. doesn't show its status



Starter time limit: 40 secs, 1 min rest, 40 secs, 1 min rest, 40 secs, 30 mins off