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> Left wing and nacelle
Stall warning vane
Heated fuel vent
RAM Scoop fuel vent
Inverter cooling louvers
Bleed valve exhaust (near engine inboard and outboard Compartment door)
Exhaust stack (inboard and outboard)
Nacelle cooling RAM Air inlets
deice boot (inboard/outboard/prop/stabilizer)
Engine intake
Generator cooling inlet
Heat exchanger inlet/outlet
Hydraulic landing gear vent lines

> Nose
OAT probe
Avionics panel
Condenser blower outlet
Nose gear (doors, strut, nose gear steering stop block, wheel well)
RAM air inlet

> Right wing and nacelle
Battery drain, air inlet, exhaust
Ice light
Oil breather vent

> Right aft fuselage
Ventral fin drain holes
Lower aft cabin access door
Oxygen service access door
Static ports
Cabin air exhaust
Access panel

> Tail section
Ventral fin

> Left aft fuselage
Drains (aft compartment, oxygen discharge, relief tube)