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The most crucial resources in the cockpit is attention and stress management.

The more intimately I know myself, my aircraft and the environment, the less attention is expended in figuring out what is happening and why, more the stress is mitigated and decision-making is correct.

When everything is given its due attention right when it is supposed to be given, we are manufacturing success of the flight and avoiding stressful situations where multiple hotspots need to be managed in an increasingly narrower timeframe.

While through knowledge and planning ahead is crucial in reducing and eliminating stress, management and prioritization of attention during a rare situation where things do happen quickly must also become habitual.

Thus, delaying the onset of stress and fatigue, retaining control of attention and developing the mind is an ongoing and critical task.

Key areas of Development:

• Become more knowledgeable and continue to learn all the time
• Become more attentive. Give attention to where it belongs right when it is needed
• Become effective at managing stress and delaying onset of fatigue
• Uncover & deploy hacks in seeking knowledge, becoming attentive and managing stress
• Have higher personal minimums
• Strive for excellence
• Calm and composed - even during emergencies