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Why is forest cert important?

Provides market access by ensuring legality and sustainability of forest products to satisfy a growing market.


Value of forest cert to BC?

provides important non regulatory support for the implementation of BC's forest management legislation.


Does government subsidize certification costs?

No, certification is voluntary and it is up to each company to decide whether the benefits outweigh the costs


Will certification lead to increased lumber costs?

Although a direct cost to industry, certification does not increase price premiums


What are C and I? **

Criteria and indicators are tools for assessing trends in the condition of forests and the goods and services derived from forests and for promoting SFM. Characterize, assess and report on progress toward SFM.


What is the purpose of the PAC? *

Forest and range practices advisory council periodically reviews and evaluates FRPA for its continued improvement.


Forest and Range evaluation program (FREP) is a long term commitment by gov't to:

Assess effectiveness of forest and range legislation in achieving stewardship objectives.

Determine whether forest and range practices are achieving gov't objectives with a focus of biological function and social values

Identify forest and range resource value status and trends

Identify opportunities for continued improvement of BC's forest and range practices, policies and legislation.


Do activities within the scope of forest certification also fall within the legal definition of the practice of professional forestry ? **

Yes. ABCFP members involved in certification initiatives in BC are required to conduct their work in accordance with professional standards set by the ABCFP.


Define Criteria and Indicators **

Criteria: defines in broad terms the conditions by which SFM may be assessed

Indicators: Specific elements of the criteria that can be measured over time to demonstrate trends in condition.