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What is the purpose of the forest act?

Addresses rights to harvest crown timber. Requires the Chief Forester to calculate AAC for each TSA and requires Minister to determine AAC for each WLA, CFL and FNWL.


Which licenses require the minister to set an AAC?***



What is the purpose of FRPA?*

Provides for regulation of forest and range operational planning. Goal is to provide high environmental standards while streamlining operational planning. Gives licensees greater flexibility by focusing on results rather than methods.


Who sets VQO's *

District Manager


Who in BCTS prepares FSP's? ***



What is the purpose of the TSL tendering process? *

1. Provide potential applicants for a TSL with required information to formulate an informed bid

2. Ensure that information, including known safety hazards provided by professionals is available to all applicants

3. Establish core elements of the bargain between successful applicants and BCTS


Who has the authority to exempt timber cut in BC from having to be sold in BC? **

Lieutenant Governor in Council may exempt a species of timber or certain type of wood residue.

Upon receiving an application, the minister can exempt up to 15,000 m of harvested timber or a volume of residue not exceeding 200,000 bone dry units per application.


3 pillars of forest and range planning? ****

1. objectives: gov't will establish objectives for management/protection of forest and range values.

2. Plan and Practice requirements: Those conducting practices must meet requirements in approved operational plans and applicable regulations

3. Compliance and Enforcement: gov't inspects activities for compliance.


3 pillars of forest and range planning are supported by... ****

1. Professional Reliance

2. Effectiveness evaluations


What are some SLRP's that are on a regional scale? **

Regional land use plans (RLUPs) and Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMPs). These plans effect areas in the order of millions of hectares and are broad.


What type of SLRP would you expect to be on more of a local scale? **

Sustainable Resource Management plan: at the landscape or local level (up to several hundred thousand hectares in area. Provide more specific and tangible objectives that consider a specific area.


FRPA framework for forestry ops contains which 3 plans? ****

FSP - contains measurable/verifiable results and strategies for gov't objectives that apply to plan area




A key component of an FSP is that it defines an FDU, which is... **

FDU: any area where harvesting OR road building may occur.


FSP's must contain the following **

1. contain a map showing boundaries of all FDU's

2. contain results or strategies for every gov't objective applicable to plan area

3. Be consistent with gov't objectives and timber harvesting rights

4. Be signed by the person required to prepare the plan

5. ID stocking standards as well as regen and FG dates

6. contain measures to prevent intro or spread of invasive plants and mitigate effects of removing natural range barriers.


Minister or DDM must approve FSP if it meets the following 3 tests... ***

1. Plan meets content requirements of the act and regulations.

2. results and strategies are consistent with gov't objectives

3. Plan consistent with timber harvesting rights granted by gov't


List the minimum contents of a site plan (the link between the FSP and the operation site. ***

1. ID approx. location of roads or cut blocks

2. be consistent with the FSP, FRPA and Regulations

3. ID how the intended results and strategies in the approved FSP apply to the site

4. ID standards units in the net area to be reforested as well as corresponding stocking standards and soil disturbance limits.


Licensee has the responsibility to do what before sending his FSP to the minister for approval? **

Licensee must publish a notice in the newspaper stating the plan is available for review including:

details on where plan can be reviewed, address that the public can submit written comments to and time frame of review period.

review period can be waived by minister but licensee must still publish a notice relaying that the plan has been approved without being available for review and specify date on which harvest operations will commence.


Licensees who publish the notice for a review period must also do what? *

make reasonable efforts to meet and discuss FSP with first nations who are affected by the plan.


Are FSPs required before road building? *



Who can prepare an FSP? Does it need to be signed? **

Forest licensees as well as TSM`s are permitted to prepare FSP`s

It has to be signed by a person required to prepare the plan.

Must be signed and sealed by RPF


In what situations are licensees exempt from having to prepare an FSP? ***

when harvesting to:

eliminate a safety hazard

facilitate seed collection

remove felled trees from road areas

harvest less than 500m3 of damaged timber

harvest less than 50m3 outside an FDU that is a necessary incidental to harvesting, road activity or silviculture treatments.