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How are stumpage rates generated? *

complex appraisals of each stand or area of trees (defined as the cutting authority area) to be harvested


Where are policies and procedures regarding appraisals located? **

The coastal and interior appraisal manuals. These are considered subordinate legislation and are more than just guidelines. Amendments must be approved by the minister.


Do appraisal data submissions need to be signed? **

Yes, an RPF or RFT must sign.

The ADS contains the field data used to generate stumpage, or in the case of BCTS, the upset used in auction.


who is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information in an appraisal data submission (ADS) **

The holder of the agreement (licensee)


The Interior Appraisal Manual stipulates that all cutting authorities must be cruise based where... *

35% or more of the total net conifer volume is red or grey IBM attacked pine.


How is range revenue collected?

In the form of rents, fees and costs payable in respect of applications licenses and permits.


How is log export revenue collected? **

Minister or Lieutenant government in council can set fees (aka fees in lieu of manufacture) to be paid to the government which are paid for the export of any timber from both crown or private land granted after march 12, 1906.


are export fees the same on the coast as in the interior? **

Coastal fees vary by species, grade and exemption type

Interior fees are set at $1.00 per m3 of export volume.