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We like the person who gave us the free item – open to persuasion



Giving back – obligation – you give them something so they give you something back



Feel positive toward person – appreciation towards person who gave to you


Foot in the door

Make a simple small request - not what you were hoping for – but to help you get into the door and help with your persuasiveness.
Ex- telemarketers – "I just want to talk to you "– get door open so person is potentially open to listen and increase and commitment more time to talk – engaging in listening behavior – Attitude more likely to say yes – ease the door open


Foot in the mouth

Dialogue first more persuasive message first – create positive frame work – when message comes out you're already in a positive framework. Ex: people at the mall who come up to you and ask you about your day to butter you up for product


Door in the face

Persuasive request early – much larger request – work your way from $100-$25 – high number request of money – drop the offer down – Get what you really wanted


That's not all

"If you call now, you'll get two!" Infomercials with products – more for your money – marketing strategy – no guarantee – very effective – more bang for your buck



Very low price – it draws you in because of the price – price pulls you in but wasn't really what you were looking for


Bait and switch

Advertise products for appealing price/competitive price – sold the product all ready when you walk in the door. Alternative switch/outcome/product mindset – they want it, don't have it, but switch them to different product


Legitmitizing paltry contributions

"We will take anything "– Letimitizing - small amount. Paltry- tiny. Ask for a quarter but you'll get a dollar - possible outcomes – increasing commitment – consistency with behavior and attitude – counteract