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What are the critical elements of the zeitgeist that lead to the development of mental asylums in the U.S.

shift in causality paradigms
socialization of care/govt provision


Who were the key individuals instrumental to the mental asylum movement?

Phillipe Pinel and John F. Kennedy


holistic; looked at the whole person and not the specific parts

Moral therapy model


What does the moral therapy consist of?

occupational therapy
exercise and recreation
physical treatment


Who founded moral therapy?

Phillippe Pinel


Compare moral therapy to modern therapeutic approaches?

Moral therapy is more humanistic in its therapy. It doesn't run tests or evaluate the patients' minds but helps them live normally


What are the critical factors in the decay of the asylum movement.?

new generation medication
patient care replaced by financial/admissions requirements
low quality treatment and housing


Who founded the American Psychiatric Association in 1921?

Asylum superintendents


What were the aspects of the Community Mental Health Act & deinstitutionalization?

reliance on family members to care for patients
new medication to stabilize
govt. funded community health centers available for crisis


What was the zeitgeist of the Community Mental Health Act and deinstitutionalization?

decay of mental asylums for financial reasons
development of new gen meds


What was the impact of the Community Mental Health Act and deinstitutionalization?

estavlished the concept of the community health facility
only 700 facilities were built and under-staffed/funded
over 60% of patients did not have family to care for them so became America's homeless


What did Boris Sidis believed to be the key component of psychopathology and what this represents

Fear is the key component of psychopathology
He thinks it represents the root of mental illness


He wanted to measure the mind to determine what makes a 'normal mind'.They were used in a breadth of public spetrums from college entrance to world expositions to clinical laboratories. Ended up in mental hospitals.

Jean McKeen Cattell


How did James McKeen Cattell impact psych

formed the basis of clinical psych.


He opened the first psych clinic in the US. Went up to APA and told them how psych needs to be applied to medicine and education. Credited for school psych. Developed the clinical method

Lightner Witmer


The movement where psychologists can determine academic potential

Intelligence testing movement


What was the significance of the intelligence testing movement?

Produced correlation with school performance as measured by grades
used with feebleminded and indicated dfference in performance among those children


What was the role/impact of intelligence testing movement?

focal role for psychologists from 1908-1916


Who were the key individuals in the intelligence testing movement?

Henry Herbert Goddard
Lewis Terman


What was the impact of the pseudo-psychologies on the organizational development of professional psychology

The public couldn't differentiate between pseudo-psycholgists and psychologists so it prompted them to have some kind of certification


What was the motivation for J.E. Wallace Wallin to form the AACP

how the public was stupid and couldn't tell the diff between the reals and the fakes


What was the result (or desired impact) when forming the AACP?

Wanted a state licensure status for psychologists, approved training sites, and the min standards necessary to be a psychologist


Helped with the rise of psych
led 2 large scale intelligence tests in the army

Walter Dill Scott


Post WWI views/beliefs of cause/development of ‘Shell Shock’

people are weak


Connection w Psychology and the war

The war opened more opportunities and given a rise to psychology because of the soldiers' mental health


The VA used psychologists to provide what type of services?



development/creation of the boulder model

where several psychologists got together for 2 weeks and decide what criteria is needed to be a psychologist


content of the boulder model

identified core skills beyong the doctoral in psych training
practicum training
1 yr internship
research dissertation


purpose of the boulder model

to create a credential for psychologists


process by which a title is protected



more encompassing; protects title and defines a list of practices that make up a particular profession



Psychologist stationed at the army hospital in Pittsburg, VA. He reported that the soldiers had been diagnosed shell shock. Later renamed PTSD.

Harry Hollingworth


He was not a psychiatrist but rather a neurologist He acknowledged the value of psychology is the medical arena. He was also interested in psychopathology. Wrote Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1906 and the famous book The Dissociation of a Personality in 1905. He opened Harvard's first psych clinic and put it in the philosophy department because he pushed against medicine.

Morton Prince


He was a chaplian and psychology professor. He says that physical ailments have psychological or spiritual causes. Considered the role of reigion in healing. He blended medical diagnosis and spiritual advice. Many psychologists and psychiatrists disagreed with him because he wasn't trained in psychology.

Elwood Worchester