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If possible, 1 elevator shall be maintained in readiness at _ & 1 maintained _

Forward Staging Area & 1 at lobby


Unit should address their supervisor as a "Group Supervisor" when assigned under Chief Off
1. Eng and Lad operating on 23rd or 24th flr
2. Lad conducting searches on 25th fl through 50th
3. ECC performing Hi Pr Pumping in street
4. Lad Off sent to Fwd Staging on 21st fl
5. FAST Unit operating with Rescue Cmd searching for a lost member
A. 1, 3, 5 B. 2, 3, 5 C. 2, 3, 4 D. 2, 4, 5

B 2 SAE Group, 3 Hi Pressure Pumping Group, 5 FAST Group Supervisor (NOTE: Vent Group is 4th type of Group)

1. Fire Sector Supervisor
4. FSA Manager (Rehab Area Manager is another Manager example)
NOTE "Leaders" LCU, SCU, Foam Unit Leader
ICS Ch 1 pg 11


In general the span of control should range from _ to _ with _ being ideal

3-7 with 5 being ideal


Implementing the plan of action will be under the direction of an _ Chief

Operations Section Chief


_ defines the activities and ops of resources within an assigned geographical area.

Sector ex Sector operating in an exposure


_ consists of resources formed to address specific functional tasks. Ex to search specific floors of a hi rise bldg

Group. Functional and geographical assignments may not always require implementation of a group or sector


_ specific combo or same kind and type of resources with common communications

Strike Team ex 5 Engines & a BC assigned to brand patrol at a multiple alarm


_ Any combo or resources with communications capability, under the supervision of an Officer

Task Force put together for temporary assignment.


Staging Area Manager reports to _

Operations if staffed


Inaccurate for CFLOP:
A. IC Staff includes Safety Off, Liaison Off, and Public Info Officer
B. Staging Area Manager directly reports to Operations Section Chief
C. Resource Unit Leader reports directly to Operations Section Chief
D. Communications Unit Leader reports directly to Logistics Section Chief

C. Resource Unit Leader reports directly to Planning