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_ is the function of managing all tactical ops at an incident to accomplish primary mission and plan of IC



5 Functions of ICP "C-FLOP"



Define Unified Command

Organizing different agencies that have statutory authority and responsibility at large scale incidents into 1 coordinated & controlled effort. Each Dept will control its own personnel directed from only 1 Command Post


Span of Control of any individual w/mgmt responsibility should range from _

3-7 with 5 being ideal


Define Staging Area

Resources held awaiting assignment. May be located away from incident or any appropriate location.


Who is in charge of the Staging Area

Under direction of SA Manager who reports to IC or Operations Chief when staffed


Define Single Command

Single jurisdiction w/NO Agency overlap. A single IC has overall responsibility


Define Team;

Team operates under _

Specific number of personnel assembled for assignment such as search, vent.

Team Leader


Task Force shall be limited to _ resources for control



Define Group;

Each resource in a Group reports to _

Specific functional tasks ex Search specific floors of Hi-Rise Bldg:

Group Supervisor


Define Strike Team

Specific combination of Same kind & type of resources w/common communications under Supervision of Off Strike Team Leader. Ex 5 Eng Cos & Chief Off patrol at multiple alarm


Define Sector

_ manages a Sector

Resources w/in an assigned geographical area ex. Exposure:

Sector Supervisor


Define Task Force

Combo of resources w/Communication capability under supervision of Off Task Force Leader put together for temporary assignment


T/F Sectors can cross boundaries to accomplish an assigned functional task.

False Sectors are restricted to a specific geographical area such as an exposure


T/F Groups may cross boundaries to accomplish an assigned functional task (ex search)



Who manages a Branch

Branch Manager


The Staging Area Manager reports to _

IC or Operations Section Chief when staffed. Staging Area Manager is responsible for managing all activities within a Staging Area


Choose correct
A. Sections are managed by Chiefs
B. Branches are managed by Directors
C. Sectors/Groups are managed by Supervisors
D. Units are managed by Leaders
E. Areas are managed by Managers

A-E Ch 2 1.1.5


Resource Unit Leader incorrect:
A. If no Planning Chief, RUL reports directly to IC
B. RUL will be assigned to every 10-60, 10-76, and 2nd alarm
C. ABC may be assigned RUL
D. RUL shall not be used for firefighting purposes

B. 10-76 not included


"R" RUL correct:
A. While responding ascertain ID and designation of units that have responded or are responding via MDT. Only call Dispatch if MDT is not available
B. Don "Resource Unit Leader" vest, station at and maintain Cmd Board for duration of incident
C. Aide operates on Tac 1 and you on Cmd Ch 2
D. Have each Sector/Group called on Ch 2 to ascertain sector/group they are operating in and ID units operating in that section/group
E. When plotting units on Board, plot units under the designation of Chief responsible for that sector/group

A and B
C. RUL on Tac 1; Aide on Cmd Ch 2
D. RUL shall call each Chief in Sector/Group on Tac Ch 1
E. Mark NEXT to designation of Chief responsible for that sector/group


Choose correct RUL
A. Designate an area where unassigned units remain intact
B. Determine level of resources req'd at SA
C. In conjunction w/SA Manager, maintain req'd level of resources at SA until incident "Probably Will Hold"
D. Supervise duties of Comm Unit Leader
E. Monitor Ch 1 for emergency transmissions even after arrival of Comm Unit Leader


B IC determines req'd resources at SA
C Cmd Board must be kept accurate throughout duration of incident
D. Supervise duties of Comm Unit until relieved by another BC assigned as Communications Unit Leader