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Communications Unit incorrect
A. Company must be staffed with a min of 3 trained members. Trained Officers do not count toward total
B. Comm Unit Off will not be designated to Comm Unit Leader
C. Comm Unit will report to Communications Unit Leader if staffed
D. Comm Unit will not be placed OOS due to OOS communication equipment they are supplied with, in order to perform CU duties

A Trained Off do count, but Off is not needed to be trained to count toward the 3 members


Communications Eng will have suffix _ when assigned to an incident as a Comm Eng



Communications Unit is part of the _ Section



Communications Unit will report to _ if staffed; if not staffed or has not arrived report to _; If neither on scene, report to _

Communications Unit Leader (COML);
Resources Unit Leader (RESL);
NOTE: Off of Comm Unit will NOT be designated COML


T/F An Acting Battalion Chief may be assigned as COML

NOTE: If no SA BC assigned to FCU, the IC may special call a BC as a COML if necessary


Choose Incorrect for COML
A. SA Chief may be assigned to FCU designated as COML to supervise and coordinate FCU and CU at an operation
B. At end of tour, COML SA Chief shall notify Brooklyn Dispatcher regarding status
C. While responding, ascertain ID of units via MDT by use of "Incident Summary" function and via Dispatcher
D. COML may be used for firefighting purposes if deemed necessary by IC

D. COML shall NOT be used for firefighting purposes.


Communications Unit Leader upon arrival shall report to _

Logistics Section Chief if staffed. If not staffed report directly to IC.


Communications Unit Leader shall be stationed at the location of _

Command Board


Tactical Chief Officers (Sector Supervisor/Branch Director [Floor above, Fire fl, etc], Attack Chiefs), RESL, and Safety Chiefs are to operate on _ channel; Their assigned FF will operate on _

Designated Tactical Channels;
Aides on Command Channel to maintain communications with IC


It shall be the responsibility of the _ to contact the IC personally or by HT to ensure that the IC has received emergency transmissions

NOTE: RESL will continue to monitor HT for emergency transmissions after the arrival of a dedicated COML


Chief Officers assigned to Command, Staging Area Managers, Air Recon, COML or other specific designated support assignments will operate on the _ channel.

Command Channel. Their assigned Aides will monitor the Tactical Channel


"C" Communications Unit Leader correct
A. ABC cannot be Comm Unit Leader
B. If no Planning Chief, report directly to IC
C. While responding ascertain ID and designation of units via MDT by using Incident History function.
D. Don "Communications Unit Leader" vest
E. Station at Command Board and not used for firefighting purposes

D and E

A. ABC can be Comm Unit Leader
B. Comm Unit part of Logistics Section
C. "Incident Summary" function


Which operate on Cmd Ch 2
B. Staging Area Manager
C. Resource Unit Leader
D. Air Recon
E. Safety Off
F. Communications Unit Leader

A B D F "CHRIS" Communications, High rise roof chief, air Recon, IC, Staging area

C RUL on Designated Tac Ch
E Safety Off Designated Tac Ch
Sector Supervisors/Branch Directors and Attack Chiefs operate on designated Tactical Channels


Mayday transmitted and neither Chief at ICP acknowledges, who is responsible to contact IC personally or by HT to ensure they received emergency transmission
A. Resource Unit Leader
B. Safety Off
C. Comm Unit Leader
D. Communications Unit

NOTE: Resource Unit Leader will continue to monitor HT for emergency transmissions after arrival of dedicated COML


Incorrect Safety Officer
A. ABC cannot be assigned Safety Off
B. Safety is always assigned on 10-60, 66, 76, 77, and 2nd alarm
C. Safety Off reports directly to IC
D. Don "Safety Off" vest
E. While responding, MDT for summary of responding units and approx burn time

B Safety Officer at the following:
2nd and greater alarms


Eng 303 has 3 trained FF's, but Off is not trained for Communications Unit. Choose correct
A. Operate as Comm Unit and Off will be designated COML
B. Operate as Comm Unit unless they do not have Enhanced Post Radio
C. Operate as Comm Unit and Off should report to BC designated as Resource Unit Leader if on scene
D. Not operate as Comm Uni due to insufficient trained members

A Chief is designated as COML, NOT Co Off
B I/S even if equipment OOS
D 3 trained members is needed, Off need not be trained


The IC at a high rise office building fire shall ensure the response of which unit when auxiliary radio communications systems (ARCS) are utilized?
A: Planning Vehicle
B: Communications Unit
C: Tactical Support Unit
D: Field Communications Satellite Unit

D. This term is no longer used
ICS Ch 2 Add 3 3.3
***Be aware Comm Ch 13 sec 4.4 states Field Communications Satellite Unit