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Lobby Control Unit (LCU) is a functional unit w/in the _ Section primarily responsible for _

Logistics "L-L"; Controlled movement of personnel to & from upper flrs at a HI-Rise incident. Operates & controls elevators


Lobby Control Unit suffix

LCU will assume control of elevators & provide elevator operators. They shall ensure which elevators are recalled & searched?


Ensure all elevator cars recalled & searched


Officer of LCU will be designated _

LCU shall be dispatched on transmission of _

Lobby Control Unit Leader (LCUL)

10-76 & when special called by IC


While responding, the LCU shall ascertain what info?

LCUL shall be stationed at _

ID of units at/responding to the incident via MDT printout

Elevator lobby- maintain control of all elevators from this location


Can LCU relieve the OV from the 1st alarm units operating the elevators?

Yes- ensure each elevator car has reliable communication link & tools


LCU shall operate on _ channel

Does the LCU move personnel, equipment, or both?

Tactical channel

Movement of personnel


Who does the LCU report to?

Logistics Section Chief if staffed; otherwise report directly to IC


LCU shall take on the duties of _ when directed by IC

LCU shall verify the location of (4 things)

Systems Control Unit

Fire fl, FSA, SAE, & Forward Triage Area


The LCUL shall verify the location of all of the following listed below except?
A. Fire Floor
B. Forward Staging Area
C. System Control Unit
D. Forward Triage Area

C Systems Control Unit


LCU is responsible for operation & control of elevators: Choose (Incorrect)
A. Assume control of elevators & provide operators
B. Ensure all elevators are recalled & searched
C. Account for personnel exiting & entering elevators
D. Transport personnel to upper flrs as req'd
E. LCU shall only perform duties listed above

E May perform Systems duties if ordered by IC


Incorrect Lobby Control Unit?
A: Company Officer will be designated the Lobby Control Unit Supervisor.
B: LCU is responsible for the operation and control of elevators.
C: LCU is a functional unit within the Logistics Section primarily responsible for the controlled movement of personnel to and from the upper floors at a Hi-Rise incident.
D: While Responding, the LCU shall ascertain the identity and designation of the units that have responded, or are responding, to the incident from the MDT printout.

ICS Ch 2 Add 4
A. Sect 3 - The Company Officer will be designated the Lobby Control Unit Leader (LCUL)


A. Lobby control unit took a position at elevator lobby & operated on Tactical Ch 1
B. System control unit operated with assistance of bldg engineer, shut down HVAC when ordered by Operations Section Chief
C. CFR Eng proceeded to FSA with CFR equipment & FE tools
D. Fast Unit proceeded to Fire Sector Supervisor on floor below the fire



Lobby Control Unit will operate on which radio channel
A. Command Channel if available
B. Tactical Channel