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What are the Suppliers WHMIS responsibilities

  • Provide Supplier labels
  • Apply labels to containers of controlled products
  • Revise the labels as new information becomes available
  • Develop and provide MSDS for each controlled product produced
  • Ensure MSDS data is current (must be updated every 3 years)



What are the Employers WHMIS responsibilities

  • Ensure all containers of controlled products are labeled
  • Ensures no person removes, alters, or defaces a required label
  • Replace Damaged labels
  • Develop and supply workplace labels
  • Develop safe storage and handling procedures for employees
  • Ensure MSDS are updated and available to all employees on-site
  • Provide WHMIS training to all employees



What are the Employee's WHIMS responsibilities

  • Must follow safe storage and handling procedures for hazardous products
  • Inform employer of workplace hazards
  • Inform employer of removed, altered, or defaced labels
  • Understand the information on a supplier and a workplace label
  • Be familiar with teh location and use of MSDS
  • Learn to use WHMIS



What is Environmental CPR

  • Continual Environmental Improvement
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Regulatory Compliance



List the requirements of MSDS information


  1. Product Identification and use
  2. Hazardous Ingredients
  3. Physical Data
  4. Fire and Explosion Data
  5. Reactivity Data
  6. Toxicological Properties
  7. Preventative measures
  8. First Aid measures
  9. Preparation Information



Who Regulates teh use of Hazardous materials in the workplace?