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List the components of Structural Firefighting PPE


  • Fire Helmet
  • Flash Hood
  • Protective coat (Bunker coat)
  • Protective Trousers (Bunker pants)
  • Firefighter Gloves
  • Firefighting Boots
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus complete with PASS alarm
  • Face Piece



What are the main components of SCBA

  • Cylinder
  • Harness
  • Face Piece
  • PASS system



What is required PPE for operating a chainsaw?

  • Safety Glasses/ Goggles/ Visor
  • Safety boots
  • Safety Helmets
  • Safety gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Safety pants (bunker)/ chainsaw chaps



To which pressure does the High Pressure Reducer decrease incoming cylinder pressure



What components make up the SCBA Harness?

  • Back Frame
  • Harness
  • Pressure lines
  • Control systems
  • Alarm systems



How many minutes aer SCBA cylinders rated for?



What are the 3 components of the Protective Trousers

  • Outer Shell
  • Moisture Barrier 
  • Thermal layer



What colour helmet does and FFQ wear?

Black with Red/Yello Illumination



What colour is a Chief's helmet



What colour is a Firefighter's helmet?

Black with Yellow illumination


Define the acronymn IDLH

Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health


At a medical aid, why is it imperative to change to clean gloves after patient procedures

Prevents contamination of the patient


What colour is an officer's helment

Black with Red illumination


What will happen if battries run low on PASS during usage

  • Sensor module will chirp every 2 seconds
  • Green light on console will go out


  • Exit structure, replace SCBA, tag harness for battery replacement


What pressure does the E-Z flow regulator reduce incoming line pressure to?



What does PASS stand for? (SCBA)

Personal Alert Safety System


How should Harnesses be stored

With straps fully extended


How do you clean the SCBA face piece

  • Mild soap and water
  • air dry
  • Percept Spray
  • air dry



List the Daily SCBA checks

  1. Inspect cylinder + harness, including air cylinder retention collar for visible damage
  2. Check air cylider pressure
  3. Inspect the high pressure hose for signs of wear or damage
  4. Inspect the high pressure hose coupling for tightness and teflon seal for damage or looseness
  5. Fully open air cylider valve
  6. Check that the pass alarm warns after approximately 20 seconds of non-movement
  7. Check the chest mount console gauge. 300-400psi difference tag and send for repair
  8. Close air cylinder valve
  9. Check the alarming systems function: bleed air from regulator, vibralert should activate at approx 1200 psi
  10. Deactivate PASS
  11. Inspect harness , including hold down clip for wear, damage and cleanliness
  12. Extend and straighten all straps



List the 3 major limitations of the SCBA system

  • Limitations of Air supply
    • Capacity
    • Pressure
  • Limitations of Equipment
    • visibility
    • mobility
    • communication
  • Limitation of Wearer
    • Physical fitness
    • Agility
    • Emotional stability
    • Experience



Explain two styles of Controlled  breathing

  • Inhale through nose and exhale through open mouth
  • 4 count deep inhale, Hold 2, 4 count exhale



Explain Survival breathing

  • Firefighter sidelying
  • a 'few' controlled breaths to increase focus
  • focus on breathing, try to use diaphragm only to inhale
  • 4 in.--> hold 2--> 4 out
  • increase to 4 in--> hold 4-->4 out



What are the components of WIldland FIrefighting PPE

  • Structural firefighting boots
  • Light weight leather gloves
  • Nomex flash hood
  • Nomex coveralls
  • Safety glasses/ goggles
  • Light weight helmet



What are 4 respiratory hazards a firefighter will face

  • O2 deficiency
  • Smoke
  • Toxins
  • High temperatures




Oxygen Deficient Atmosphere

< 135mmHg or about 18% @ barometric pressure of 740mmHg


What effects occur at 17% oxygen

  • Increased volume of respirations
  • Increased Heart rate
  • Reduced night vision capability




What is the Correct procedure3 for Donning full fireground protective clothing?

  • Step into the boot/pant assembly
  • pull up pants, place suspenders, close zelcro and snaps on pants
  • pull on flash hood
  • pull on protective voat, ensuring thunbs are through holes of wristlets
  • close front of coat with velcro, snaps and cover flap
  • close neck flap of the coat
  • put on firefighter gloves, ensuring wrist cuff is over the coat wristlets



When must primary eye protection be worn?

  • Station operations
  • All fireground operations
  • medical operations
  • rescue and vehicle extrication operations
  • inspection in industrial occupancies



List the forms of primary eye protection


  • Safety glasses
  • Safety goggles
  • SCBA facepiece



List the types of secondary eye protection

Helmet face shields



When can firefighters be exposed to loud noise?

  • Fire station activity
  • Responding to calls
  • At the emergency scene



When is hearing protection NOT worn

When firefighter is involved in work on the Fireground


What forms of noise protection is offered by the department?

  • Foam ear plugs
  • ear muffs
  • intercom headsets



Hearing protection shall be worn whenever the firefighter is:

  • Operating power tools
  • Operating or riding inside a moving apparatus



What are the three types of Breathing apparatus

  • Open circuit
  • Closed circuit
  • Supplied air system (SABA)



What style of SCBA cylinder does EFRS use?

  • Grey Carbon Fibre cylinder- 8.2kg


What pressure is a full SCBA cylinder?



At what pressure should you replace a SCBA cylinder?

3600psi or lower


How often does a SCBA cylinder need Hydrostatic testing?

Every 5 years


What is the life span of EFRS SCBA cylinders?

15 years


How tight should the high pressure hose nut be?

Hand tight


Before connecting the high pressure line, what checks should be completed?

  • High pressure hose for damage
  • White teflon O ring for damage
  • The O ring is inside the high pressure hose connection



What is the Universal Air Connection used for?

An emergency connection to replenish the SCBA cylinder with breathing air from an alternate high pressure air source


When do station officers fill out a PPE report?

1st of the Month


What effects occur at 16% O2

  • Double vision
  • Dizziness



Firefighters shall not wear _______ underneath wildland nomex coveralls

Synthetic clothing




What are the two styles of Water rescue/ Ice rescue suits

  • Immersion suit
    • Ice Commander
  • Dry Suit
    • Kokatat GFER
    • Mustang Sentinel



High temperatures can result in what 3 types of injuries?

  • Thermal burns
  • Respiratory burns
  • Heat stress
    • resulting in cardiovascular collapse



Minimum Ocontent to support combustion





At what percentage of O will someone lose consciousness

=/< 12%


List the protocol for contaminated PPE

  • Red Bag
    • Biological contamination (body fluids)
  • Yellow Bag
    • Haz Mat
  • Green Bag
    • General soiling



What are the three components that make up the protective coat


  • Outer shell
  • Moisture barrier
  • Thermal barrier



List the qualities of the flash hood

  • Made of fire resistant materials
  • Provides flame and some thermal protection to the head and neck as well as parts of the face not covered by the SCBA facepiece



The protective coat has what features to improve performance besides the construction components

  • Wristlets c/w thumb loops
  • Front closure system
  • Collar closure system
  • Reflective trim
  • DRD



The protective trousers have what features to improve performance besides the construction components

  • Reinforced knees
  • Leather pant cuffs
  • Heavy duty suspenders
  • Reflective Trim



What is the DRD?

Drag Rescue Device


Hidden strap in protective coat used to drag a downed firefighter



What protections does the Fire helmet provide?

  • Protects the head from impacts
  • Provides thermal protection from heat/cold
  • Provides thermal, flame, and secondary suspension protection with attached nomex ear/neck cover
  • Provides secondary eye protection with an attached face shield
  • Provides member identification to assist in PAR with attached leather shield, name decal, as well as removable EFRS unit number



Firefighter gloves are made of what components

  • Outer leather layer (outer shell)
  • Middle layer (moisture barrier)
  • Inner layer (thermal layer)



List the features of the Firefighting Boots


  • Some thermal protection from heat/cold
  • Steel toes provide protection from falling objects
  • Rubber boots are pull on style
  • Leather boots may be pull on or lace up. Lace up may have zippers



Donning full fireground Protective clothing should be accomplished in how long


1 minute


How long does an air supply replenishment through the Universal Air Connection take to complete?

~2 minutes


Equalize cylinder pressures only


At what force does the hold down clip break and why?

50 lbs

For safety in the event the cylinder is snagged while being worn


4 holes on the side of the HP reducer, what actions must be taken during daily checks?

  • Check they are clean
  • Do not attempt to clean


  • If blocked- remove from service and tag for repair
  • If air escaping from these holes- tag for repair and remove from service


What are the lines connected to the frame jsut above the HP reducer, and which shoulder straps are they connected to?

Hose and wire retaining clip holds hoses to reduce snag hazard

  • Left shoulder
    • Low pressure line to gauge assembly
    • Low pressure line to the facepiece
  • Right shoulder
    • Stiff conduit line going to the chest console from the PASS
    • Low pressure line to the pressure gauge console



What material are the harness straps made of, and what are the advantages?


  • High heat resistance
  • High strength
  • High abrasion resistance
  • If exposed to high heat will change colour to TAN
    • not necessarily damaged unless straps become brittle



What does the Gauge console contain

  • Chest mount pressure gauge
  • Personal Alert Safety System control buttons/ light indicator



Which two points must be inspected for air pressure, and at what discrepancy is there a problem?

  • Chest mount pressure gauge
  • Air cylinder pressure indicator


  • 300-400psi
  • Replace bottle to identify which is at fault. Tag as out of service and send for repair



Describe the Harness Inspection process

  • Stored with straps fully extended
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check straps for colour change and/or brittleness

Any damage found, tag unit , inform officer and forward to Air room for repair.




Where is the Vibralert alarm system housed, and what pressure will it activate


Face piece regulator



Describe the procedue to function test the low pressure (vibralert) alarm system


  • Turn on air cylinder valve
  • compare air cylinder pressure indicator with chest mount pressure gauge
  • Ceck all connections and hoses for air leaks
  • Turn off air cylinder valve
  • Slowly bleed air from the system with the regulator purge valve
  • Note pressure when vibralert system begins activating
  • Bleed all air from system



What must be activated to prevent free flow when disconnecting the regulator

Donning/ Doffing switch



What is the purge valve used for?

  • Clearing the face piece if it becomes fogged
  • In an emergency
    • to bypass the regulator and allow you time to get out of the contaminated atmosphere



Describe the inspection process for the face piece


  • Check face piece lens for signs of thermal damage (visual distortion, discolouration)
  • Check the lens/face piece for cracks around mounting screws
  • Ensure the exhalation valves are installed on the inside of the nose cone
  • Ensure the nose cone is properly mounted within the face piece
  • Examine the head harness and straps for damage or excessive wear



What are some of teh components of the EZ flow regulator?

  • Black coloured Donning/Doffing switch
  • Red purge valve
  • Face piece/ regulator connection lock
  • Face piece/ regulator seal gasket
  • Vibralert low air alarm



How do you check the PASS battery life


Push and hold yellow reset button


  • Green light flash
    • batteries are good
  • Red light flash
    • tag unit and send for repair



Who replaces PASS system batteries


ONLY SCBA technicians

2- 9v batteries


What steps do you take if your regulator ceases to function?

  • Open the purge valve
  • Turn on your PASS alarm
  • Exit the structure
  • Report to an Officer immediately



Which straps on the face piece are tightened first

Chin straps (bottom) on both sides simultaneously


List the components of the Head's Up Display (HUD) and meanings


2 Green lights- Full cylinder

1 Greem light- 3/4 Cylinder

1 Flashing Yellow light- 1/2 cylinder

1 Flashing Red light- 1/4 cylinder


1 orange light above green lights- Low battery



Describe the process for Donning the face piece

  • Attach voice amp to the facepiece
  • Ensure chin and temple straps are fully extended
  • Place face piece over your face (chin first and roll up to forehead)
  • Pull head harness over your head
  • Tighten chin straps simultaneously
  • Tighten temple straps simultaneously
  • Perform negative and positive pressure seal checks



Which conditions require activation of the PASS alarm


  • Downed firefighter who has not moved for more than 30s (automatically activated)
  • Firefighter who is lost and cannot find their way out (manually activated)
  • Emergency SCBA malfunction and firefighter requires assistance (manually activated)



How can PASS be manually activated

Press the RED button on the Chest mount console gauge


How can you return the sytem to the armed mode from:


Pre alarm


Full alarm

  • Pre alarm- 
    • Rocking their hips and moving the ball bearing in the sensor module
    • press the yellow reset button once
  • Full alarm
    • press the yellow reset button twice



How do you Deactivate the PASS alarm after SCBA use?

  • Turn off main air cylinder valve at base of air cylinder
  • Bleed all air pressure out of the SCBA system
  • Push the yellow reset button twice


*System deactivates by a loud countdown chirp of ten or two beeps*




Where is the gauge consol located?

Right shoulder strap


How long can a firefighter be motionless before the PASS Pre-Alarm activates?

20 seconds


What are the PASS controls

Indicator light bar

Red Alarm button

Yellow Reset button


Identify a Full PASS alarm

Pulsating tone

Red flashing light on gauge console


Identify a PASS system Pre-Alarm

Chirping sound

Red flashing light on gauge console


How do you turn on/ arm the PASS system

Automatically when main air cylinder valve is opened and harness regulator is pressurized


Why is it important to doff and dispose of medical PPE at the point of use?

Key behaviour in reducing the firefighter's risk to work place contamination and prevention of infection


Why is it important to perform an N-95 mask fit check?

Properly fitted masks seals to your face and reduces the potential for contamination entry as well as eye wear fogging when wearing the mask