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It is paramount that senior leaders explain to their junior leaders and troops executing the mission how ____

their role contributes to big picture success


Leaders must routinely communicate with their team members to help them ____

understand their role in the overall mission.


An overall understanding of the mission helps the team members ____

prioritize their efforts in a rapidly changing, dynamic environment.


Senior leadership must regularly step out of the office and personally engage in face to face conversations with direct reports and observe the frontline troops in action to understand ____

their particular challenges and read them into the commanders intent.


If your team isn't doing what you need them to do, you first have to ____

loos at yourself.


Rather than blame the team for not seeing the strategic picture, you must ____

figure out a way to better communicate it to them in terms that are simple, clear, and concise, so that they understand.


If you or your team are not receiving the support you need to succeed, ____

examine what you can do to better convey the critical information for decisions to be made and support allocated.


Leading up the chain of command requires ____

tactful engagement with the immediate boss to obtain the decisions and support necessary to enable your team to accomplish its mission and ultimately win.


A leader must ____ up the chain of command to receive the support required for the team to win.

push situational awareness


The subordinate leader must use ____, ____, ____, ____, and maintain ____, when pushing situational awareness up the chain of command.

* influence
* experience
* knowledge
* communication
* the highest professionalism


While pushing to make your superior understand what you need, you must also realize that your boss must ____

allocate limited assets and make decisions with the bigger picture in mind.


One of the most important jobs of any leader is to ____

support your own boss


A public display of discontent or disagreement with the chain of command undermines ____

the authority of leaders at all levels.


As a leader if you don't understand why decisions are being made, requests denied, or support allocated elsewhere, you must ____

ask those questions up the chain.


Once the boss makes a decision - even if that decision is one you argued against - you must ____

execute the plan as if it were your own.