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Human beings are generally not capable of managing more than ____, particularly when things go sideways and inevitable contingencies arise.

six to ten people


Commanders intent

Junior leaders must understand the overall mission, and the ultimate goal of that mission.


Junior leaders must be empowered to make decisions on ____

key tasks necessary to accomplish that mission in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


Every tactical-level team leader must understand not just what to do but ____

why they are doing it.


Junior leaders must fully understand ____,- the left and right limits of their responsibility.

what is within their decision making authority


Junior leaders must be ____

proactive rather than reactive.


Tactical leaders must be confident that they clearly understand the strategic mission and ____

Commanders intent.


Junior leaders must have implicit trust that ____

their senior leaders will back their decisions.


Without implicit trust, junior leaders cannot ____

confidently execute.


Senior leaders must constantly ____ - what is called in the military as situational awareness - to the subordinate leaders. Likewise junior leaders must push ____ up the chain to their senior leaders to keep them informed, particularly of ____

* communicate and push information
* situational awareness
* crucial information that affects strategic decision making


Senior leaders who are so far removed from the troops executing on the front line, they become ____

This trait is called battlefield aloofness


Battlefield aloofness creates a ____ between leadership and the troops, and such a leaders team will ____

* significant disconnect
* struggle to effectively accomplish their mission.


Determining how mush leaders should be involved and where leaders can best position themselves to command and control the team is ____



Leaders must be free to move to where they are most needed, which ____

changes throughout the course of an operation.