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In order to convince and inspire others to follow and accomplish a mission, a leader must ____

be a true believer in the mission


Leaders must always operate with the understanding that they are a part of something greater than ____

themselves and their own personal interests


Leaders must impart the understanding that the team is a part of something greater than the individual down to ____

the tactical level operators on the ground


Far more important than training or equipment, ____

a resolute belief in the mission is critical for any team or organization to win and achieve big results.


Every leader must be able to detach from the immediate tactical mission and understand ____

how it fits into strategic goals.


When leaders receive an order that they themselves question and do not understand, they must ____

ask the question: why?


It is incumbent on senior leaders to take the time to explain and answer the questions of their junior leaders so that ____

they too can understand why and believe.


Junior leaders must ask questions and also provide feedback up the chain so that senior leaders can ____

fully understand the ramifications of how strategic plans affect execution on the ground.