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Which of these can be easily explained by the drive theory of motivation?

When you feel a thorn in your leg, you stop to remove it.


Which of these is a clear example of a homeostatic motivation?

Temperature regulation


Which of these is an example of an incentive motivation?

You join some friends to watch a movie


Which theory of motivation best explains people's interest in having an exciting experience?



What does Maslow's hierarchy of needs attempt to explain?

Why certain motivations take priority over other ones


If you want to keep a New Year's resolution, which of the following is good advice?

Keep track of whether you are achieving your goal


If you want to get a good start on a project, which of these is good advice?

Make specific plans about what you will do at a particular time.


An employer begins by experimenting to find the most efficient way to do a job, and then trains workers to do it exactly that way. Which approach to job design is the employer following?

Scientific management


A manager following Theory X, or scientific management, makes what assumption about workers?

They will show little initiative or creativity?


Insulin levels are generally higher at midday than in the middle of the night. What is the result?

Increased hunger during the day.


The idea of a set point in body weight is supported by what evidence?

Most people's weight fluctuates around a nearly constant level.


What is one likely explanation for why puberty starts earlier now than it did long ago?

Increased weight gain has led to higher levels of the hormone leptin.


Researchers have reported similarities between which conditions?

Bulimia nervosa and drug addiction


Which misconception did Masters and Johnson disprove?

Sigmund Freud had argued that clitoral orgasms were immature.


Is it possible to be born with both a penis and a clitoris? If not, why not?

It is impossible, because both penis and clitoris develop from the same fetal structure