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Why have psychological researchers made slower progress in understanding emotion than in sensation, learning, and memory?

Emotion is difficult to measure.


Someone who records sympathetic nervous system arousal is probably trying to measure what?

The intensity of someone's current emotion.


What does the James-Lange theory predict about someone who has weak autonomic responses?

Weaker than average emotional feelings


What is the question that Schachter and Singer's theory addresses?

How do you know which emotion you are feeling?


Which of these is the evidence that supports the view that humans have six basic emotions?

People can recognize six facial expressions of emotion.


Which of these is an important function that emotional expressions accomplish?

They communicate with other people.


Why does the "circumplex" model of emotion place anger and fear near each other?

They have similar amounts of pleasure and arousal.


What is a problem with current tests of "emotional intelligence"?

For many items, no one is sure what the correct answer is.


When is the startle reflex stronger than usual?

When you feel anxiety


Why do researchers recommend against widespread use of polygraph tests?

Polygraphs often identify an innocent person as lying.


What is one explanation for why reports of life satisfaction have failed to increase in the United States in recent decades?

Only the rich people are getting richer.


What is the evidence that parenthood effects happiness?

Most parents describe their children as a source of joy


What observation led to Selye's concept of stress?

Many illnesses and troublesome experiences lead to the same symptoms.


Why does Selye's definition of stress classify poverty as not being stressful?

He defined stress as an experience that changes your life.


If you are nervous about a job interview, how could you "inoculate" yourself against the stress?

Pretend you are having the interview, with a friend as the interviewer.