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What is diurnal and nocturnal?

1. Organism active during daylight
2. Organism Active in the dark


What is a biological clock?

1. Neural system that times behaviour

2. Allows animals to anticipate events before they occur (birds migrate)

3. Endogenous rhythms from within bt always external

- one controls sleep waking
- one controls functions of body organs
- etc


What are all the Biological rythms?

Period - time required to complete a cycle

Circannual - yearly (migration)

Infradian - less than a year (menstrual cycle)

Circadian - daily (sleep cycle)

Ultradian - less than a day (eating)


What are free running rhythms?

Rhythm of the body's own devising in the absence of all external clues
- without external cue our rythms are slightly longer (25-27 hours)


What is a zeitgeber?


Environmental event that entrains/modified biological rhythms (time giver)

Determine or modify he period of a biorhythms

LIGHT POLLUTION - artificial light that changes activity patterns and disrupts circadian rhythms


What is SAD?

Seasonal depressive disorder - a form of depression associated with winter


How does jet lag work?

Fatigue and disorientation from rapid time travel through time-zones and exposure to a changed light-dark cycle

West to east is more difficult
- occasional traveler may cope easily


What are the NREM disorders of sleep?

insomnia - disorder if slow wave sleep.
- prolonged inability to sleep

drug dependency insomnia - resulting from continuous use of sleeping pills. Stop REM SLEEP

Fatal facial insomnia - stop sleeping all together


other then insomnia?

Narcolepsy - slow wave sleep disorder which a person falls asleep at innapropriste times

Sleep apnea - inability to breath during sleep


What are disorders of REM sleep?

Muscle atonia is due to inhibition

Sleep paralysis - form of narcolepsy where you are are unable to move during deep sleep owing to inhibition of motor neurons

Cataplexy - losing all muscle activity as in rem sleep while awake due to emotional stimulation

Hypnogogic hallucinations - dreamlike state at begining of sleep where person is in state of cataplexy


What Are Biorythms?

Inherent timing mechanism that controls or initiates biological processes
- linked to the cycles of days and seasons produced by earths rotations on its axis around the sun