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What is domain

The area of work under study e.g. graphic design


What is goal

What you want to achieve


What is task

How you go about doing it e.g. select fill tool, click on triangle


What is donald norman's model

It consist of 2 things
1. Gulf of execution
2. Gulf of evaluation


What is abowd and beale framework

Their interaction framework has 4 parts
- user
- input
- system
- output


System and user has their own unique languages, What are they

user = task
system = core


What is ergonomics

Ergonomics (also known as human factors engineering), is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use.


What are different type of interfaces

- Office
- industrial
- glass


what are 2 types of manipulation of system

- Direct manipulation (e.g. working on computer)
- Indirect manipulation (e.g. working on industry computer that controls some machine)


What are different interaction styles/dialogue

- Command line interfaces (e.g. DOS, telnet)
- Menu based systems
- Natural Language (e.g. speech recognition system)
- Query interfaces (e.g. wizards, query languages)
- Form-fills (e.g. fill form, spreadsheets)
- WIMP interface (Windows icons menus pointers) (e.g. GUI)
- Point and click interfaces (e.g. browser)
- 3 Dimensional interfaces (e.g. virtual reality)