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What are widgets

Controls used in WIMP interfaces


What are windows

The area on screen that behave as if they were independent.


What are pointers

They are used for pointing and selecting


What are types of menus

- Top menu
- Contextual menu
- Pull down menu
- Drop down menu
- Pop-up menu
- Pie menu
- Cascading menu (sub menu)
- palettes (tear off menu) (menu become an isolated window, e.g. dragging of toolbar)


What are interaction paradigms shifts

Ways for interaction in computer world.
- Batch processing (e.g. punch cards)
- Time-sharing
- Networking
- Video display unit
- Personal computer (e.g. notebook)
- Hypertext
- Multimodality (human communication channels used in it e.g. voice)
- CSCW (computer supported cooperative work) (e.g. email)
- Agent-based interfaces (e.g. software doing automated work for us)


What are paradigms

Way of thinking


What is metaphor

Relating computing to real world activity. It is effective teaching technique.


What is memex

A device for hypertext. It was a micro film


What is ubiquitous computing

It is interaction paradigm. It says the make computer small in size slowly.


What is Sensor-based and context-aware interaction

As humans are good at recognizing the "context" of a situation and reacting properly. Make sensor-based computers is the idea. (e.g. scanning of eyes)


What is wearable computer

It is interaction paradigm. We can dress computer


What is augmented reality and physical and virtual integration

It is an interaction paradigm that combines digital information with physical objects. (e.g. Greeting card with digital message)