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Why is taxonomy a unique branch of science?

Because it was invented, not discovered


Who is Aristotle and what did he do?

A 320 B.C. Greek philosopher and taxonomist that developed his own classification system of living things that sorted plants according to stem structure and animals by habitat (and also excluded organisms not visible with the naked eye)


Who is Carolus Linnaeus (Karl Von Linne) and what did he accomplish?

Developed the two-part naming system known as binomial nomenclature and the hierarchical system we use to classify organisms today


List the levels of biological classification and/or the pneumonic used to remember them:

a) (DOMAIN) King Philip came over for good spaghetti.
b) Kingdom, Phylum (pl. Phyla), class, order, family, genus (pl. genera), species


List all levels of biological classification for humans and/or the pneumonic used to remember them:

A) Eugene Andrew Cummerbund makes perfect hamburgers with hot sauce.
B) eukarya, animalia, Chordata, mammal, primate, hominidae, homo, Sapiens


What is binomial nomenclature?

The taxonomic naming system whereby each species is given a two-part Latinized name.


Explain the relationship between taxonomy and evolution

Taxonomy is based in structure and structures originate from evolution