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Explain the following terms:
1. Metaphase
2. Interphase
3. Haploid

1. Metaphase is the 2nd stage of the cell division form known as mitosis. In this stage, the duplicate chromosomes (containing sister chromatids) join up in the centre of the cell. The spindle fibres then attach themselves to the centromeres of the chromosomes.

2. Interphase is when the cell gradually becomes larger and produces additional cell organelles (e.g. mitochondria) in preparation for cell division. The cell goes through interphase for most of its cell cycle.

3. A cell is haploid or n when it has half a set of chromosomes. Gametes are haploid.


In each of the following cases, name the type of cell division:
1. That produces four daughter cells from one mother cell
2. That always produces haploid daughter cells
3. During which crossing over occurs.

1. Meiosis
2. Meiosis
3. Meiosis