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What are the two primary federal employment laws?

1. Canada Labour Code (basic employment conditions, health & safety) - Applies to everyone

2. Canadian Human Rights Act (Canadian HR tribunal works like a court of law but that it deals only with cases of discrimination)


What is discrimination? What is harassment?

Discrimination can be intentional (or direct) (“only males, 5 feet 7 inches in height, will be hired”) or unintentional (indirect), such as advertising job openings only in English-speaking newspapers. It is the exclusion of employee.

Harassment is any unwanted physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates the individual.


What is reasonable accommodation?

Employers are expected to make adjustments to the working environment in order to avoid charges of discrimination.


What is the name of the federal law that protects employees from harassment and discrimination?

Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA)


What is the Human Rights Legislation?

-Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA)
-Canadian charter of rights & freedoms (1982)
-Guarantees certain rights & freedoms
-Legislation is complaint driven


What is the Labour Relations Legislation?

-Only applies to unionized employees & employers with unionized employees
-Canadian Labour Law
-Governs the process by which a trade union acquires bargaining rights & the procedure by which trade unions & employers engage in a collective bargaining


What is Health and Safety Legislation and Workers’ Compensation? What is the board workers' compensation?

-Describes expected standards for health & safety in the workplace
-Outlines role & involvement of employees
-Bad health & safety = BAD management
-Identify the potential hazards & come up with ways to prevent injuries
-Employers can be required to continue paying an employee if the person is injured on the job
-Workers have the right to know the degree of toxicity & the possible dangers

2. For the violation of health & safety... workers can receive a monetary payment from his employer. Employers are required to report all incidents to this board.


What is pay equity and why is it related to discrimination?

Pay equity is based on differences in pay due to gender


Explain the code of ethics

A code of ethics is a written statement of the organization’s primary values and provides a basis for the organization’s individual employees’ behaviours and actions.


What is equity? What is equity employment?

1. Fairness or impartiality
2. Policies & practices to ensure equitable representation in the workforce (equality in all aspects of employment)