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What is Job Analysis? What is the ultimate purpose of job analysis?

-the role a person plays
-the task that needs to be done
-the skills needed
-know what kind of ppl you need at your firm
Purpose: improve organizational performance & productivity


Explain the manager’s and the employee’s role in defining and designing work. What is the role of the line manager?

The line manager or supervisor is the key person in determining what tasks and activities need to be done in order to achieve the organization’s goals. The employee often will contribute as they will have valuable information about the work and tasks—some of which may be known only by the person who does them.

Role: Help create more opportunities for involvement


What is the difference between job analysis and a job description?

Job analysis is the process of obtaining information about a job (systematic study of jobs), and the job description is the written output from the job analysis process.


What are the 5 parts in job description?

a. Job title & Date
b. Summary of job
c. List of duties and responsibilities
d. Job specification (skills, knowledge & abilities)
e. Performance standards (expected results)
*There is no standard format


How is the information used in Job Analysis (6)?

-Performance Management: evaluating ongoing performance
-Training & Development
-Health & Safety


What is the relationship of job design to employee contributions?

by focusing on various job dimensions, both organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction can be achieved (internal motivation & lower turnover)


What are the 4 basic considerations for job design?

1. Org. objectives the job was created to fulfill (task, duties)
2. Industrial engineering considerations (ways to make the job technologically efficient)
3. Ergonomic concerns (workers physical & mental capabilities)
4. Employee behaviour & attitude influencing their contributions


What are the job characteristics model (5)?

1. Skill Variety
2. Task Identity
3. Task Significance
4. Autonomy
5. Feedback

*Job redesign fails when the employee lack physical or mental skills, abilities & education needed


Discuss employee empowerment & the 4 aspects that org. should encourage?

-AUTONOMY = making their own decisions
-share info & power to act
-pushing down decision making responsibility to those close to internal & external customers
-Empowerment is successful when the culture of the org. is open & receptive to change

1. Participation
2. Innovation
3. Access to info
4. Accountability


Discuss employee teams

- group of employees who assume a greater role in the production or service process
-can be virtual (harder to manage)
-teams are a logical outgrowth of employee involvement and empowerment


Discuss future design of org. work

-Nontraditional employment forms & flexible arrangements
-Ex: telework, mobile work, home-based work
-convergence of social, mobile & cloud computing
-Work independently = dynamic fluid relationship among workers that utilize tech. as a measure of communication
-Requires more attention to job crafting to ensure org. context & culture


What is job crafting?

-Ex of empowerment
-Workers do no wait for management initiatives
-Customize their work to meet their own needs & org. goals
-how an employee reframe their work (increases job sat.)