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meaning conveyed by the words of scripture and discovered by exegesis, following the rules of sound interpretation

literal sense


a type of writing that has a particular form, style, or content

literary genre


the process used by scholars to discover the meaning of the biblical text



St. Jerome's fifth-century Latin translation of the bible inot the common language of the poepl of his day



discovered in 1947 in caves, these manuscripts belonged to teh Jewish Essene sect, which lived in a monastery at Qumran. the scrolls contain Essene religious documents, commentaries on certain Hebrew Scriptures, and ancient OT manuscripts. they have proved very valuable to scholars in studying the OT and for learning about some Jewish practices at the time of Jesus

Dead Sea Scrolls


a traditional title given to theologians of the first 8 centuries whose teachings made a lasting mark on the Church

Church Father


the prayer of the Church; also known as the Divine Office. it utilizes the Scriptures, particularly the Psalms, for specific times of the day from early morning to later evening

Liturgy of the Hours