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Who is traditionally named as the author of the Pentateuch?



Who is the central figure of the Pentateuch?



Who looked to Moses as the source of the laws and traditions recorded there?



Employs an anthropomphetic view of God



Place great empahsis on mortality and the law?



Places great emphasis on the prophecies of Elijah and Elisha



Includes census lists, geneologies, numbers and dates



Tells stories from the northern kingdoms point of view, emphasizing monarchy



Refers to God as Elohim and was the last of the 4 traditions put into writing



Uses the name YHWH for God



Highights the speeches of Moses



What reveals great truths about the world's humanitys orgins

genesis creation stories


What truths do the genesis creation stories reveal?

that there is one God and that human were creatred out of God's goodness


In what ways to the first and second creation stories differ?

The first creation story has a style that is forceful, stately, and grand. Creation is an awesome, dramatic act by a glorious and majestic God. The second is much lighter in tone and down-to-earth. It paints a picture of an anthropomorphic God and is the older of the two accounts.


What tradition does the first creation story draw on?

the israelite tradition of the 7 day week in which the sabbath was a day of rest and prayer.


What does each day of creation represent?

a higher level of creation with the creation of humans as the pinnacle of God's design


What are the 4 religious truths the priestly account of creation wants to reveal?

It wants to reveal: (a) There is only one God; (b) God planned creation; (c) Everything that God made is good; (d) The Sabbath is a special day of rest and worship.


T/F Like many acient peoples the jews beleived that much of the material reality was evil and at war with with the spiritual elements in the universe.

false it was the babylonians


What is the point of the story when it says that God rested on the 7th day?

The point is for God’s creatures to take time for rest, renewal, and worship a kind and loving God who is the source of our existence.


What author is the 2nd creation story by?

Yahwist author


What does the yahwist author portrey

porteyts god as a potter who molds adams body and breaths his spirit. it shows intimacy between God and the first human being a loving relationship of shared life


What does the second story provide?

a reason why men and women leave their parents to form their own families. the couple is to enter into a close relationship that mirrors gods own relationship with them


What does the opening passage in the Gospel of John echo what in Genesis?

"In the beginning" Gods opening verses teaches about the incarnation the union of the devine human natures in the one person of the world, jesus christ


What do chapters 3-11 in Genesis relate to?

how humans declared indepedance from God through disobedience, the abuse of freedom, and lack trust in him. They tell how sin entered the human race through consequences


What two important truths are explained in the 2nd creation story?

First, God created human beings in his image and in his friendship. We were created to be happy and to live forever. Second, as these things are not true for people on earth, the second creation story explains why not.


T/F due to their disobedience, adam and eve lost the grace of their original holiness and justice



Which 3 stories in the book of Genesis show how sin spreads in the world following the sin of Adam and Evev?

The stories which show how sin spread are the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4, the story of Noah and the Flood in Genesis 6-9, and the story of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11.


The _____ understands the passage in Genesis to be an announcement of the "new _____" Jesus christ, the son of God. Unlike the first adam christ ______ sacrificing his life on a cross which led to forgivess of sin, the defeat of _____ and eternal _______ for God's children.

.Church; Adam; obeyed; Satan, life


what are the consequences of original sin?

The consequences of Original Sin include a weakened human nature that is subject to ignorance, suffering, and death; and an inclination to sin known as concupiscence.


what 3 promises did god make to Abraham?

God said: “I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you.”


By what three names are the chsen people known throughout the old testament?

Hebrews, Jews, Israelites


Gen 15 describes the _____ God entered into with Abram. In Abrams _______ God promised him _____ and many ______. He also told abram of the ______ of his people but that God would rescue them and remain in continuous _______ with his decendants.

covenant; dream; land; descendants; enslavement; friendship


In Gen 17 god repeated his ______ and changed Abrams name to _______ to signify that he would be the ______ of multitude. For his part Abraham and his decendants must ______ in the Lord's word and be _______ a a sign of the covenant

pledge; Abraham; father; believe; circumcised


Sarah who was previously _____ conceived a child ______, proving that God was true to his word. But Gods ________ with Abraham was tested when God asked Abraham to_______ his son Isaac. He ______ and obeyed God without protest

barren; Isaac; covenant; sacrifice; trusted


What are some important lessons we can learn from the story of Abrahams obedience to God?

Some important lessons include: (a) a veiled condemnation of child sacrifice, which was practiced by some of the Israelites’ neighbors, (b) Abraham is a model of faith, (c) in Isaac we see a prefigure of Jesus and his own sacrifice on the cross


T/F Jacob was able to secure the familys inheritance that should have gone to his brother Esau.



Jacob met God on a road to ______ where he had remarkable dreams of _____ascending and descending a ladder to ______. in his dream god repeated his terms of the ________ made with his grandfather ________.

Bethel; angels; Heaven; covenant; Abraham


In the second encoutner with God, years later, Jacob had a strange meeting with a _____ person who ______ with him all night. In this new episode Jacob received a new name _______ meaning one who contends with ______

mysterious; wrestled; Israel; God


Israel found a home in ______, the promised land, and fathered a large growing family. Included in his family where his _____ sons from whom came the twelve ______

Canaan; twelve; Tribes of Israel


Jacobs favorite son _____ had dreams which caused Josephs brothers to eventually conspire to sell him into _____. Joseph was taken into ______ where his gift of interperting _______ came to the attention of the ________

.Joseph; slavery; Egypt; dreams; Pharaoh


T/F Josephs gift of interperting dreams helped Egypt to survive a famine.



The book of ______ takes up the story of the chosen people around _____centuries after the death of ______ when they were living in egypt. By 1500 BC the new kings of _______ had ______ the chosen people

Exodus; four; Jacob; Egypt; enslaved


Around 1250 BC the prophet _____ led the Hebrews out of Egypt and event known as the ______ a foundational part of the ______ of the chosen people. This event maks the begining of their history as a seperare ______

Moses; Exodus; history; nation


T/F The meaning of the YHWH is likely derived from some form of the Hebrew word "to be"



What did God do for the Israelites through the Sinai Covenant?

.God declared himself to be bound to the people, freed them from slavery, protected them in the desert, and promised them a land.


What did the Israelites promise as a result of the Sinai Covenant?

For their part of the Covenant, the Israelites solemnly promised that they belonged to God, that they were his special people.


God appeared to moses in a ________ and instructed moses to ______ to Egypt to lead the chosen people to ____. God also revealed the devine name _____ and assured Moses that he was the God of ______ the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob

burning bush; return; freedom; YHWH; Abraham


Moses and his brother ______ who was to be his _____, returned to Egypt to convince the isrealites that God had heard thier _____ for deliverance. After a series of 10 _____ the pharoh was convinced to free the _______

Aaron; spokesman; prayers; plagues; Israelites


What were the passover instructions for the Israelites?

For the Israelites to escape the tenth plague they had to kill an unblemished lamb and smear its blood on the doorposts and lintels of their houses. They were to eat the lamb quickly with bitter herbs and unleavened bread.


What 3 things were stipulated in the Sinai covenant?

The Sinai Covenant: (a) bound God and the Chosen People in a personal, loving union, (b) revealed God’s special love and mercy for them, (c) stipulated how God’s People were to respond to his love by instructing them to follow the commandments and be faithful to God in obedience and worship


T/F The 10 commandments summarize the law, serving as its basic guide.



there are _____k laws listed in the last _____books of the Pentateuch some of which are similar to the ______ code of Hammurabi. The Israelites reshaped and laws to support the _____ in Yahweh

613;4; babylonian; borrowed; belief


The later chapters of the book of Exodus give_for building the _of the covenant which would contains the law_candy_which would serve as a symbol of gods_with the people

instruction; ark; tablets; tabernacles;presence


while in the _ people grew impatient with Moses and they made a _ to worship committing the sin of _ this was a major breach for the _commandment. but Moses appealed to God to_the people

Desert; golden calf; I Daltry; first; spare;


The chosen people wandered in the desert for_years before entering_God_for them during this time I'd led them with a_by day and_by night

40; Canaan; cared; cloud; fire


T/F the book of numbers records the constant murmuring of God his complaints discontentment and rebellion against Moses



T/F except for Joshua and Caleb the Lord did not allow any one of the first generation came from Egypt to enter the promised land even Moses and Aaron



The book of_gets its name from the priests of the tribe of_who are in charge of the Israel's official worship most of the_laws in this book deal with the_warship animal_and ritual offerings

Leviticus; lead by; 247; public; sacrifices


The book of_reflects the appeals of the northern_for the chosen people to take to heart the requirements of the_centers on gods love of_and his unhappiness with the people for_false gods and not responding wholeheartedly to his_

deuteronomy; profits; covenant; Israel; we're shipping; love


T/F Deuteronomy teachers that revenge is a sign of God's love



What is the message of the book of numbers?

The message is that we may sin, misuse our freedom, and doubt God’s presence. For this we may deserve punishment, but God remains faithful. He does not abandon us.


What is the theme of the book of Leviticus?

The Book of Leviticus stresses the theme of God’s holiness and our need to worship him with respect and love. It also emphasizes the holiness of God’s people because God chose them.