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Distinguish between the 3 main types of Ionized energy

Alpha radiation- helium nucleus and a +2 charge. This is easily blocked by skin and clothing. Mass= 4

Beta radiation- high energy (fast moving) electrons and a -1 charge. It can go through paper and skin. Mass= 1/1837

Gamma radiation- very high energy Photon, no mass and no charge. Mass=0


Define half life

The time required for 1/2 the number of original radioactive nuclei to disintegrate. To find, see pink tab thing


Know simple half life calculations

Know it


Complete and balance nuclear equations

The sum of the mass number must be on both sides of the arrow.
The sum of the atomic number must be on both sides of the arrow.

Atomic number = number on the table


Define transmutation

The conversion of an atom of one element into an atom of another element


Fusion vs. Fission

Fission (the splitting of a large nucleus into 2 or more smaller nuclei)

Examples: nuclear bombs, submarines

Fusion the joining together of 2 or more smaller nuclei to produce a heavier one.

Example: the sun, a hydrogen bomb