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What disease does Poxviridae cause?

Small pox.
If you said chicken pox, then I tricked you.


What are the differences between smallpox and chicken pox?

smallpox =
synchronous lesions
deep lesions
centripetal spread
prominent on face and palms
chicken pox =
asynchronous lesions
superficial lesions
centrifugal spread
prominent at trunk


what are the two types of transmission of small pox?

Droplet = larger collections that are launched over shorter distances that get caught in the mucous membranes of another person.
Aerosol = smaller particles that are suspended in the air to be inhaled by another person.


What is Molluscum contagiosum?

This is another pox virus that causes small raised bumps with small central dimples.
These are comparable to warts and are often found on the skin of immunocompromised and HIV patients.
It is simply a benign hyperproliferation. Could lead to cancer?


What are the three major virus of the family Papovaviridae?

Papilloma virus
Simian Vacuolating = not humans


What virus causes warts and cervical cancer?

Papilloma virus


What are some causes of cervical cancer?

Cervical dysplasia that can lead to carcinomas
Sexual activity and previous activity of HPV.
This is why women get pap smears = papilloma


What are the two types of polyomavirus?

BK and JC polyomaviruses


What are the associated symptoms of BK polyomavirus?

Can cause nephritis, urethral stenosis, and hemorrhagic cystitis in bone marrow recipients.


What is PML and what is it caused by?

PML = progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy causes damage to white matter of the CNS causing memory loss, speech problems, and loss of coordination. It is commonly caused by JC polyomavirus.
This is most commonly seen in immunocompromised or with certain medication.


What age group is most affected by adenovirus and what does it lead to?

Children are most affected and they exhibit upper respiratory infections w/ coughing and sneezing as well as some conjuctivitis and possible pneumonia.


What are the common viral causes of endemic diarrheal llness?

Enteric adenovirus and astrovirus?


What is erythema infectiosum and what causes it?

This is described as slapped face rash on the cheeks and it is caused by Parvoviruses.