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A good format for a program proposal is the three-step process often used by professional speakers:

and conclusion


The second component of the proposal is the ____. In this section the author shares the details that painting complete picture of the program proposal



Most significantly, the audience of the executive level chief officer shifts from mainly peer groups to audiences outside the local peer group and _________

outside the fire service


The _____________ is used to get the most powerful and convincing points in front of readers right away

executive summary


____________ in a proposal gets confusing, if not frustrating, to the reader. A good way to avoid this is to make an outline of how the program proposal should flow

Flashbacks and flash-forwards


________ help the fire officer achieve his or her goals in budgeting, policy development and administration, Employee relations and performance feedback, bidding and purchasing, incident and emergency planning, strategic planning, and more

Effective communications


The ___________ defines the problem or opportunity. The _________shares the details about how the problem is to be salt or how the opportunity will benefit the community or department.

executive summary



Total response time: “The time interval from the receipt of the alarm at the primary_________to when the first emergency response unit is initiating action or intervening to control the incident”

public safety answering point (PSAP)