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A system that distributes power between state and national governments



Government in which the national government holds the ultimate authority

Unitary system


Specific powers granted by the US Constitution to the national government

Expressed powers


General revenue-sharing grants are a central component of the process of devolution, which is a policy

To remove a program from one level of government by delegating it or passing it down to a lower form of government


How did the Great Depression affect the nature of federalism in the United States?

It brought a dramatic increase in the growth and power of the national government over commerce, though for the most part state power was not directly curtailed


In what specific way did the Obama administration grant more power to the state's than had the George W. Bush administration?

It reversed the Bush policy of preemption in certain areas by granting more control in the areas of social policy and the environment


In what way did the comity clause seek to promote national unity

It prevented states from discriminating against someone from another state or giving special privileges to their own residents


The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people

10th amendment


The US Supreme Court upheld the right of the national government to create a national bank and reaffirmed the notion of national supremacy in which landmark case?

McCulloch v. Maryland


Requires that each state's laws be honored by the other states

Full faith and credit clause


The necessary and proper clause of the US Constitution is the source of which of the following powers?



The power delegates by a state to a local unit of government to manage its own affairs is known as

Home rule


A federal law that requires the states to do certain things but does not provide state governments with the funding to implement these policies

Unfunded mandate


State governments have more powers granted to them

Dual federalism


Which government traditionally has the authority to regulate fundamental matters referred to as police powers?



What same sex case expanded civil rights

Obergefell v Hodges


What has been a key characteristic of federalism in the United States since the year 2009?

Greater state initiative in the realm of immigration law and policy due to federal inaction


Which type of gravy provides the most control to state and local governments in the distribution of federal grants-in-aid?



Why is the post- New Deal federalism sometimes referred to as "marble cake federalism"?

It developed into cooperative federalism, a system in which national grants encouraged states to implement national policies, somewhat blurring the lines between national and state governments