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According to the 2011 case of Snyder v. Phelps, the Supreme Court ruled that protesting at military funerals as a form of symbolic speech was



Giving a speech against abortion and then distributing informational leaflets is an example of

Speech plus


Concerning contemporary cases about the establishment clause, the defining point in determining constitutionality in Van Orden v. Perry and McCreary Country v. American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky seems to be that of

Secular versus religious purposes


In 2008 the US Supreme Court declared that the Second Amendment protects

An individual's rights to possess a fire arm at home for self-defense


Under scrutiny as more and more cases ruled through it have been overturned

"Fighting words standard"


In the 1989 case Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, the Supreme Court ruled that

Restrictions on the use of public medical facilities for abortion was constitutional


In the 2007 case Morse v. Frederick, the Supreme Court ruled that

Public schools could restrict student free speech in certain areas


In the 2012 case of the United States v. Jones, and the 2014 case Riley v. California, the court has

Ruled that digital content is protected from unwarranted government interference


In the case of Lemon v Kurtzman, the Supreme Court held the government aid to religious schools would be accepted as constitutional if what condition was met?

It has a secular purpose


In the landmark and controversial Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, protections of the political speech were expanded to what



McDonald v. Chicago applied which civil liberty to states for the first time?

Right to bear arms


Miranda rights concern



Perhaps one of the hallmark concepts of a constitutional democracy, _____ is
defined as a court order demanding that an individual in custody be brought into court and shown the cause for detention

Habeas corpus


Protection of citizens from improper government action is the definition of

Civil liberties


Selective incorporation, or the process by which different protections in the Bill of Rights were incorporated into the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteeing citizens protection from state as well as national governments, was established in what major Supreme Court decision?

Palko v. Connecticut


Taking private property for public use is covered under the provision of

Eminent domain


The First Amendment's ____ protects the right to believe in and practice one's religion of choice

Free exercise clause


The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth amendments, taken together, define

Due process of law


The Supreme Court ruled in ____ that the right to privacy did extend to the private lives of homosexuals

Lawrence v. Texas


Under current court interpretations for the first amendment, a public official could potentially win a libel suit against the press if it can be shown that the printed material

Was not a matter of public concern


Which of speech is not protected under the First Amendment, even conditionally?

Libel and slander


Which of the following places restraints on how the government is supposed to act?

Procedural Liberties