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What can S waves travel through?



Why is the outer core liquid and not the inner core?

Less weight is exerted on the outer core, so it can become a liquid. More is in the inner core, preventing it from becoming a liquid.


What's the difference between the asthenosphere and lithosphere?

The asthenosphere behaves like a plastic but flows easier. The lithosphere is more rigid and brittle and does not flow.


What convectional movement is responsible for the motion of lithospheric plates?

Interior thermal convection


What is the difference between anticlines and Synclines?

Anticline rocks are older at the core and younger farther away from it. Synclines are youngest at the core and older as you move away from it.


What is the difference between normal and reverse faults?

Reverse faults cause rocks in the hanging wall to be pushed up the fault plane. Normal
Faults cause rocks to drop along the fault plane.


How do strike- slip
Faults move differently from normal and reverse faults?

Strike slip faults move horizontally, normal and reverse move vertically.


What does the earths crust have in common with a conveyor belt?

New crust is formed old crust is destroyed.


What type of plate boundary produced the Appalachian mountains?

Continental- continental


How do P and S waves move differently?

S- transverse (horizontal)
P- longitudinal (vertical)