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The posterior superior alveolar nerve block provides what type of anesthesia for the maxillary third second and first molars and associated buccal soft tissue?



What is the appropriate method for recapping the anesthetic needle?

One-handed scoop


Higher gauge number of a needle

Smaller the diameter of the lumen


Trismus is the limited ability to open a jaw or discomfort of the jaw caused by muscle spasms due to contact with the medial masseter muscle during an injection. Avoidance of multiple injections and use of non-traumatic techniques can minimize the occurrence.

First statement is false, second statement is true


A positive aspiration occurs when blood is seen flowing into the cartridge. When this occurs, the needle and cartridge should be replaced to determine the results of subsequent aspirations.

Both statements are true


The nasopalatine nerve is a branch of what nerve?

Pterygopalatine nerve


Efferent nerve branches carry information

Away from the CNS to the periphery of the body


What is the insertion site for the middle superior alveolar block?

Over second premolar


The average length of a long needle is



What happens to the pH of blood when infection is present?

Decreases to an acidic 6.5


To ensure that the anesthetic is not deposited into a blood vessel the clinician should



Which branch of the mandibular nerve is an afferent nerve that innervates the skin of the cheek, buccal mucosa, and buccal gingiva of the mandibular molars?

Buccal nerve


Which of the following are benefits of including a vasoconstrictor with the anesthetic?

Slow absorption, decreases systemic toxicity, prolonged duration


Local anesthesia for the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve is more often successful that for the maxillary division, because the maxillary division has more variations and greater density of the maxillary and palatal bones.

Both statements are false


The mental nerve innervates the pulpal tissue of the pre-molars, canines, and incisors. The incisive nerve innervates the buccal mucosa anterior to the mental foramen to the midline and the lower lip and chin to the midline.

Both statements are false


Infiltration anesthesia is an injection that supplies anesthesia to multiple teeth. Nerve block anesthesia provides anesthesia to an area of a few centimeters.

Both statements are false


Middle superior alveolar nerve is an afferent nerve that innervates the maxillary Premolars and often the mesial buccal root of what tooth?

Maxillary first molar


Bases have a lower hydrogen ion concentration and can except hydrogen ions. Acids have a higher hydrogen ion concentration and want to attract more hydrogen ions.

First statement is true, second statement is false


What is the recommended rate for deposition of local anesthetic?

1-2 minutes


What class of drugs is contraindicated with the use of levonordefrin?

Tricyclic antidepressants


The posterior superior alveolar nerve block provides anesthesia for which of the following?

Pulpal/ soft tissue (mucobuccal fold, maxillary tuberosity, zygomatic process)


Infection in an area can prevent the accumulation of affective concentrations of local anesthetic solution because of

Increased vascularity and dilution of the anesthetic drug?


Nerve impulses are electrical in nature and occurs when a stimulus is applied to a depolarized nerve. The nerve in this resting state has a large number of sodium ions on the outside and a large number of potassium ions on the inside.

First statement is false, second statement is true


Epinephrine doses should be minimal for a patient taking tricyclic antidepressants, because epinephrine administration increases this individuals risk for developing ischemia

First statement is true, second statement is false


Three divisions of V cranial nerve

Maxillary, mandibular, ophthalmic


Anterior superior alveolar injection is recommended for anesthesia of the

Pulpal/ soft tissue (mucobuccal fold, maxillary tuberosity, zygomatic process)


The concepts of pH refers to the acid base balance within intracellular and extracellular fluids. The goal of the body is to maintain what kind of environment?



What is another term for metabolism, the process by which the local anesthetic drug is transformed from an active drive to an inactive substance?