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Achlorhydria is an insufficient production of gastric acid in the stomach that affects the gastrointestinal system with aging. This condition decreases the absorption of important nutrients ultimately putting a person at risk for nutritional deficiencies.

Both statements are true


What is a treatment modification for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

Sit patients in upright position, schedule mid morning/ early afternoon appointments after meds


What is the term for the wave like muscular contractions that push ingested food and waste through the large intestines and colon?



As a person ages, the heart, arteries, and veins lose elasticity, causing an extra workload on the heart. Because of his age related changes, the heart becomes larger over time

Both statements are true


Decreased bone decalcification is termed



What should the following age definition categories describes how a person interacts mentally and physically with his or her surroundings?

Functional age


Sickle cell anemia occurs most commonly in which ethnic group?

African/ Mediterranean individuals


In aging adults, bone mass decrease occurs when the activity of the osteoclasts decreases while the osteoblasts stay the same. This imbalance in bone growth can lead to osteoporosis.

First statement is false, second statement is true


What is osteopenia?

Decreased bone decalcification


The most common site for oral squamous cell carcinoma in both males and females is the tongue, particularly the posterior lateral surfaces. Cancer is usually seen in the late stages of development and discovered when it has metastasized to the lymph nodes of the neck

Both statements are true?


Plavix does not react negatively with antibiotics. Plavix platelet properties affect platelet aggression, not coagulation

Both statements are true?


As a person ages, the alveoli become enlarged and flattened, although this reduces the body’s ability to exchange the gases oxygen and carbon dioxide, it is not a sign of disease in healthy older adults.

Both statements are true


Which of the following best describes how a persons body ages physiologically?

Biological age


A decrease in neutrophils is termed



The three stages of Alzheimer’s disease include early, middle and late. The middle stage duration can last from 2 to 10 years

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Levels of B intermedius significantly increases during



Legislation in all states mandates the members of a healthcare team report suspicion of child abuse and many states also require reporting of spousal or elder abuse and neglect. This is because approximately 50% of 60% of physical abuse signs occur in the neck and cranial facial areas.

Both statements are false?