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Why is it important to know your patients tidal volume?

It determines the amount of flow necessary to maintain patient comfort during respiration


Nitrous oxide is pressurized at

750 psi


A nitrous oxide cylinder will be cool to the touch. The amount of gas in the cylinder can be monitored by checking the dial indicator.

The first statement is correct, the second statement is incorrect


Select the phrases that describe appropriate N20/02 sedation

-The patient’s heart rate slows
-Blood pressure decreases
-Patient has control of cough/gag


After a patient uses nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, it is advised to administer 100% oxygen post operatively. For how many minutes should oxygen be administered?

5 minutes


Nitrous oxide is metabolized in the liver; therefore, patients with hepatitis should not receive nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation

Both the statement and the reason are incorrect


Which term describes administering a drug in incremental doses over a period of time until a desired endpoint is reached?



Some machines have floating balls within tubes to show when gas is flowing. How is the actual percentage of nitrous oxide calculated?

By dividing the N2O L/ min by the total liters per minute


During administration of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation, the reservoir bag should be kept one- third full. If the bag overinflates, there is an excessive and unnecessary amount of gas flow

The first statement is false, the second statement is true


The purpose of the flowmeter is to

Mix and adjust nitrous oxide and oxygen


What is the lung capacity of an average adult?

500 mL


Which component decreases the pressure of the gas from the tank?



The majority of contraindications for use of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation are relatively uncommon. However, there are situations in which the procedure should be postponed or medical consultation is recommended

Both statements are correct


What is the minute volume for the average adult?

6 to 7 L/min


All of the following are reasons for oversedation except for one. Which one is the exception?

The operator administers the drug in increments


Which of these patients is a candidate for nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation

Patient diagnosed with hypertension


Nitrous oxide is stored as a liquid in blue cylinders. Nitrous oxide is lighter than air.

The first statement is correct, the second statement is incorrect


Oxygen is pressurized at

2000 psi


The person responsible for assessing the adequacy of patient recovery following N2O/O2 sedation is the

Person administering the drug


N2O/O2 has significant negative affects on the —— system

None of these are correct


The reduction of pressure from the cylinder to an appropriate level for patient inhalation is accomplished by the



The dentist who has posthumously been recognized as the father of anesthesia due to his clinical use of nitrous oxide is

Horace Wells


All of the following are relative contraindications of N2O/O2 except which one?

Hypersensitive gag reflex


Nitrous oxide administration is contraindicated for people with compromised liver function, hepatitis, or any other condition affecting the liver because the drug is not metabolized in the liver, but it quickly the fuses out of the body through the lungs

First statement is false, second statement is true


What feature prevents the inadvertent flow of 100% nitrous oxide if the oxygen source is depleted?

Oxygen fail safe system