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What are some characteristics of interpersonal communication?

- Informal language
- Informal nonverbal cues
- Frequent changes of speaker/roles
- Spontaneity
- Formality (command vs. discussion)
- Intensity (tone, pitch, volume)


What are the basic elements of interpersonal communication?

- Sender (CO): verbal/nonverbal communication
- Message: content the sender is trying to communicate
- Receiver (crew)
- Feedback to sender: reaction of receiver to the message and tone
- Interference


What are some nonverbal components of interpersonal communication?

- Body language
- Vocal tone and inflection
- Personal appearance


What are basic elements of listening skills?

- Attending
- Understanding
- Remembering
- Evaluating
- Responding


What is oral communication?

The process of engaging with individuals or groups using spoken language.


What are the three types of speeches most commonly used by company officers?

- Persuasive
- Informative
- Instructional


What are the steps you could follow to prepare yourself for a speech or oral presentation?

1. select topic
2. determine purpose
3. generate ideas
4. develop central idea
5. gather supporting evidence
6. organize speech
7. rehearse
8. deliver the speech
9. evaluate the speech


Define audience, scope and purpose in relation to a written document.

-audience: an individual, internal group, or external group
-scope: refers to the subject of the document
-purpose: why the document is being written


What are some types of form-based reports?

- Incident Reports
- Fire investigation reports
- Internal or external inspection reports
- Injury reports
- Training reports
- Attendance reports


What are narrative reports?

Written in the form of an essay. May be the result of a form report or may be generated as part of a project or analysis. Some types include:
- Staff reports
- Technical reports
- Detailed incident reports
- Resource allocation analyses
- Business, master, strategic or work plans


How do policy and procedure differ?

A policy is used to determine organizational decision making. A procedure is a detailed plan of action that is closely related to a policy.


What are common radio systems used in fire and emergency services?

- Base Radios
- Mobile Radios
- Portable Radios
- Repeater systems


How do you determine the number of frequencies needed on an incident?

The number of resources involved and the size of the incident command function.


What is interoperability?

The ability of a system to work with and use the parts or equipment of another system.


What are the 4 key objectives of the NIMS/ICS standards?

1. to provide enhanced functionality with equipment and capabilities for public safety needs
2. to improve spectrum efficiency
3. to ensure competition among multiple vendors through open systems architecture
4. to allow effective, efficient and reliable intra-agency and interagency communications


What two objectives must communication procedures accomplish?

1. Establish the use of specific common terms that mean the same thing to all emergency response personnel.
2. Establish a system of transmitting periodic progress reports to keep all units current on the progress of an incident.


What did NIMS-ICS make mandatory?

The use of clear text radio communications.


What are the five "C's" of radio communication?



What topics of radio communication should each crew member be trained on?

- basic radio operation
- radio frequency assignments and usage
- organizational radio procedures to be followed in routine and emergency activities
- radio safety
- radio care and maintenance


What are some types of radio equipment limitations?

- line of sight between transmitter and reciever
- some equipment cannot penetrate structural members of certain buildings


What is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

A petition to a federal, state, or local agency for access to records concerning a specific topic, individual, or organization.


What is a mnemonic device?

Any memory technique that is used to assist a learner in properly encoding and recalling vital information. Primarily used to associate seemingly dissimilar concepts.