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What are some types of acute injuries?

- trauma
- asphyxiation
- cuts and bruises
- thermal stress
- burns
- behavioral health issues


What do chronic injuries include?

- exposure to carcinogens
- behavioral health issues


What are some incident scene risk control measures?

- use of accountability systems
- use of full-protective clothing
- mandatory respiratory protection plans
- health and wellness SOPs or SOGs including rehab
- implementation of the NIMS-ICS
-use of control zones
- implementation of a preincident planning program for high-hazard occupancies


What are organizations in the US that are good sources for current injury and fatality information?

- Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS)


What is risk management?

-the process of identifying and analyzing the exposure to hazards, selective appropriate techniques to handle exposures, implementing chosen techniques, and monitoring the results of those techniques.


What are the 3 distinct sections a risk management plan should have?

- community risk management
- organizational risk management
- operational risk management


What is community risk management?

-provides the CO with known risks in the community to which responders may be explosed


What is organizational risk management?

- Evaluates risks and hazards that can affect the organization and provides control measures to reduce the frequency, severity and probability of a negative event.


What is operational risk management?

- assess risks and hazards emergency responders face while performing operations, including how to evaluate risk on the scene of incidents


What categories can risk control measures be divided into?

- administrative controls (SOP/SOG, training, regulations)
- engineering controls (apparatus, equipment, lockout tagout programs)
- personal protection controls (PPE)


What are the 5 components of the organizational risk management plan?

1. risk identification
2. risk evaluation
3. establishment of priority for action
4. risk-control techniques
5. risk-management monitoring


What is the 5-step process for operational risk management?

1. situational awareness
2. hazard assessment
3. hazard control
4. decision point
5. evaluate


What are some risk factors for firefighter mental illness?

-sleep deprivation
-witnessing traumatic events
-loss of close relationship
-knowing others who have died of suicide
-heavy alcohol/drug use
-major physical illness/injury


What are warning signs of firefighter mental illness?

-sudden withdraw from social contact
-increasingly reckless behavior
-having a suicide plan
-persistent feeling of hopelessness
-mood swings