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Why is the customer service concept valuable?

Customer satisfaction indicates how well an organization meets or exceeds the expectations of the community it serves.


What are two main types of customers that fire and emergency services have?

-Internal Customers
-External Customers


Who are the internal customers?

Employees and members of the organization including emergency personnel, administrative staff, and officers.


Who are the external customers?

Members of the general population within the service area who are beneficiaries of the services provided and people responsible for providing the majority of the funds needed to operate the organization.


What are some wants of internal customers?

- fair compensation
- position security
- safe working environments
- dignity that comes from respectful management
- sense of belonging
- reasonable benefits
- rewarding experiences
- ethical leadership
- appreciation and self-worth


What are wants of external customers?

-lives and property protected from fires and other hazards.
- access to competent emergency medical care


What is the passive approach on information gathering?

Organization waits for customer to express specific needs, wants, or desires.


What is the active approach for gathering information?

Organization takes the initiative to seek out information on a regular basis from internal and external customers.


What are the demographic characteristics a population is categorized into?

- age
- occupation
- sex
- family size
- education
- geographic location
- marital status


What are characteristics that are used to define diversity?

- age
- gender
- sexual orientation
- ethnicity
- race
- religion
- politics
-socioeconomic level
- education


What are the organization's area of responsibility with a mobile and shifting population?

-individuals who commute into the area
- live in the area and work elsewhere
- reside in the response area temporarily such as students, tourists or migrant workers


What is community risk reduction (CRR)?

A broad term that incorporates all programs that protect the public using protection, prevention, and education.
*could also be known as fire and life safety program*


What are three important components of CRR?

- fire and life safety programs
- private dwelling fire and life safety surveys
- fire and life safety presentations


What are fire and life safety programs?

- mentoring
- community education
- fire safety for elderly and children
- fire prevention
- health awareness
- disaster preparedness
- residential sprinkler systems


What information does a private-dwelling fire safety survey provide?

the extent to which community members implement fire and life safety, and information about the amount and kind of safety equipment within the home.


What are fire and life safety presentations>

To inform the public about unsafe behaviors and provide information on how to change those behaviors.


What is the purpose of a public relations program?

To build a relationship with the community that is based on trust and commitment and is aligned with the organization's mission and vision.


What are some government sponsored community service organizations?

- Adult/Child protective services
- Services for people with access and functional needs
- Community centers
- Animal Control
- Public health clinics


What is a policy analysis?

Determines if current policies are effective and enforceable, or if the lack of policies has caused problems.


What are some indications that a policy needs to be revised?

- internal/external customer complaints
- increase in policy/procedure infractions
- injuries or property loss due to a failure of policy/procedure
- change in the resources used to accomplish task
- change in a problem that the policy was intended to solve
- new technology
- legal mandates


What expected revenue sources and proposed expenditures does a budget include?

- personnel pay
- apparatus
- insurance
- benefits
- materials
- facilities
- utilities


What revenue sources fund an organization's budget?

- taxes
- fees
- fundraising
- private/corporate donations
- government subsides and grants
- cost recovery


What are the two types of budgets public organizations use?

- capital budget (projected major purchases)
- operating budgets (recurring expenses of day-to-day operations)


What is the largest single item in the operating budget of most organizations?

Personnel costs


What are some other things within the operating budget?

- utilities
- office supplies
- apparatus and vehicle fuel
- janitorial supplies
- contract services for maintenance of apparatus and facilities
- other items needed on daily basis


What are the 6 major steps of the budget process?

1. Plan
2. Prepare
3. Implement
4. Monitor
5. Evaluate
6. Revise


What potential revenue sources does budget planning for the next fiscal year use?

- projected taxes
- expected grants and subsidies
- expected fees for services
- bond sales
- funds from other sources


What do budget preparation sessions take into account?

- fixed cost
- discretionary spending
- emergency spending


What is a request for proposal (RFP)?

Defines the needs of the organization and allows manufacturers or authorized distributors to decide if they can meet bid specifications.


What do bid specifications include?

specific equipment requirements and the AHJ's legal requirements


What does the budget implementation identify?

Wether new personnel can be hired, if staff cuts will be necessary, vacant positions can be filled, and new equipment can be purchased.


What are reasons for revisioning a budget during the budget cycle?

- decrease in revenue
- increase in operating costs
- underestimation of actual costs
- change in labor/management agreements
- unforeseen or catastrophic occurrences


Define records management.

The systematic control of an organization's records to ensure quick access to information.


What categories of information do personnel records include?

- training
- performance
- attendance
- hazmat exposures
- biological/medical exposures
- medical history


What two categories are maintenance records divided into?

- preventative maintenance
- corrective maintenance


What is preventative maintenance?

Usually performed according to a predetermined schedule to prevent damage, reduce wear, and extend the useful life of and item, vehicle, or facility.


What is corrective maintenance?

Often due to an unforeseen event. Damage may be caused by an accident, overuse, operator error, or even abuse.


What are activity records?

The basis for planning and justifying budget requests. these records provide historical documentation of all events, incidents, and projects in which members of the organization have participated over a specific time period.


What is the intranet?

Internal networks that link all the organization's computers together to improve communication and share software and files.


What is Acts or Omissions?

A doctrine holding individuals responsible, ethically, for actions they may take (act) or do not take (omission), with foreseen results.